Through motocross, Zoo World Ministries was established and hopes to
prosper in the Professional MX community. Zoo World Ministries is a
five-year-old non profit religious organization and Christian outreach
that is multidimensional. Its purpose is to reach youth (and the young
at heart) using motocross while incorporating a positive alternative to
the many dark images that abound in some extreme sports. Not many local
facilities or programs offer teens Christian-based options. Zoo World
Ministries counteracts the lack by offering programs and services as

  • MX schools and private MX training with qualified team trainers
  • MX event coordination, attendance, sponsorship, demonstrations and races
  • Clothing line design, manufacturing and distribution
  • Biblical studies and teaching

Zoo World Ministries currently offers MX schools at local shops and
tracks, incorporating Bible study, as well as physical and nutritional
instruction through a licensed medical doctor. At this time, Zoo World
Ministries has put together a professional Supercross and Outdoor
Nationals team.

Zoo Racing is fielding a 7 man team to contend in both the 125 and 250
Supercross and Nationals series: Scott Cram, Dylan Lord, Gerrit
Ordleman, Kyle Mace, Justin Mace, Matt Karlsen, and Tim Beatty.

Team manager and owner, Steve Shippy, started a non-profit organization
to provide support to athletes in extreme sports. Steve is a Vet Pro
himself and understands the desire to race at the professional level.
He became a Pro MX racer at 14, and by 16 was top rider in the National
Motor Sport Association (NMA). At the age of 16, Steve captured the #1
plate racing against top pros Jeff Ward, Rick Johnson and Jim Holley.
Steve has had the good fortune of training with international racer and
champion Gary Semics, who placed numerous times in the top 10 in World
Class MX competition.

Steve wanted to combine his love of extreme sports, as well as his
understanding of and loyalty to sports and sponsors, with a higher
purpose in life. He wanted to take thirty-five years of experience in
pro sports and team competition to show mechanics, trainers, parents
and others how to relate to the professional rider and today’s youth.
Extreme sports have proven to be an outlet that lets Steve combine this
passion with an introduction to Christianity for those who might never
have the exposure.

Team Zoo’s main goal in 2005 is to create a positive influence in the motocross community and further the legacy of MX.

Team Zoo is currently seeking sponsorship from companies within and
outside of the motocross industry. If you are interested in sponsoring
Team Zoo Racing Ministries or want more information on the team, please
contact the following:

visit their web-site –

Steve Shippy e-mail [email protected]

Scott Cram e-mail [email protected]

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