This past weekend, thieves broke into the Unadilla MX pro paddock and stole two unsecured race bikes, as well as select pieces of Motocross and Off-Road riding and safety equipment. The motorcycles stolen belonged to privateers Ben Lamay and Willy Browning. MX Sports and the Unadilla race organizers are asking for the public’s help in locating these stolen items.

Ben Lamay’s 2009 YZ450F has a vehicle ID number of JYACJ10C29A038827. Some unique features on this bike include a rare Dr. D header pipe that has what resembles a handle. In addition, the clutch cover and ignition cover are sandblasted and the number plates are heavily trimmed for better airflow. Finally, the radiators have corner-welded gussets that have been heavily strengthened. The bike also has distinct blue RG3 triple clamps and blue ASV levers. Thieves were able to remove the motorcycle from the Lamays’ trailer.

Willy Browning’s 2009 Honda CRF250 has a vehicle ID number of JH2ME10J89K501438. The bike is unique in that is has lower fork sliders that have black diamond coating and the rear shock reservoir is all black. Additionally, it contains red RG3 clamps as well as an RG3 linkage. The wheels are black Excel wheels with silver hubs and the ignition is yellow. The number plates are also trimmed for racing purposes.

In addition to the two bikes stolen, the thieves were also able to steal equipment belonging to riders Jeff Luke, Preston Mull, Corey Pennington, Jacob Sanchez and Richard White.

The thefts have been reported to the New York State Police and an investigation is in process. They took place during the overnight hours on Friday August 14th and occurred in the Pro Paddock, despite overnight security and fencing.

“Motocross is a small community and we hope that by increasing awareness in the public that our odds of recovery will increase. We urge all fans, dealers and riders to keep an eye out for these items” said Carrie Russell, Vice President of MX Sports. “We cannot and absolutely will not tolerate theft at our races. We will do all we can to help these riders and teams recover their stolen equipment.”

Should you have any info regarding this, please e-mail [email protected]

Your help is needed - bikes & gear stolen from National Motocross at Unadilla last weekend - Photo 1 of 2

Image of Willy Browning’s bike

Your help is needed - bikes & gear stolen from National Motocross at Unadilla last weekend - Photo 2 of 2

Image of Ben Lamay’s bike

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