We have this day in the USA, it’s called April Fools Day. It comes every year on April 1.

It’s a day that people celebrate by playing practical jokes. (One of the very best was done in 1957 by the BBC, entitled ‘The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest’).

Did u really fall for that front page story? : )

Then we have more for you! Some our ‘best’ from the past!

Travis Pastrana to undergo risky head transplant surgery!

2004 Supercross Series Schedules Released!

Ricky Carmichael’s 1080 degree backflip!

Shocker! De Coster takes new Suzuki four-stroke to win in Denver!

Newly found Dinosaur relics force closure of all land in California

Supercross Racer James Stewart to appear on American Idle

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