This is an open letter to the motocross community from Ludovic Boinnard of ONE Industries. Please do what you can to assist.

David Bailey Benefit: The Icon needs your support

Dear friends in the motocross community,

This letter is about David Bailey. Unfortunately, it is not a time to
talk about how well David is doing at overcoming adversity. It is not a
time to talk about how once again David has shown the unbelievable
resolve to overcome recent significant physical setbacks. This is a
letter to ask for help.

Most of you know David’s history and dedication to the sport of
motocross. You know of his great successes, and also of the great
sacrifice that David paid, ultimately ending his career and confining
him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Over the past twenty years, David has always lent a hand and done what
he could to help other injured riders when possible. He is unaware that
some of his closest friends and family have now reached the conclusion
that his recent setbacks have simply escalated to the point of needing
emergency financial assistance in an immediate fashion. David is in a
very bad place as we type this. The Phrase “It’ll get worse, before it
gets better” is definitely the case here. David has already undergone
one surgery and is now in need of financial help for the next.
Physically, he is broken and needs special medical attention
immediately – which he cannot afford at this time.

We are asking the motocross community to please pull together and help
David. Time is of the essence, and the situation is very serious. We
ask that you donate whatever you can afford as soon as possible to The
Full Circle Foundation. This foundation helps athletes like David to
get help when needed, and was founded by one of the Bailey’s good
friends a few years ago. The Full Circle Foundation knows of and
understands the very serious position that David is in, and they will
be responsible for making sure your donation helps David directly.

Those of us who know David personally understand that he does not feel
comfortable asking people for anything, especially with the timing of
what has happened recently with fellow riders Ernesto Fonseca and James
Marshall. We are currently in the process of planning other benefits
due to the fact that the amount of money needed is quite substantial.
Since immediate medical attention is of the utmost importance, it is
imperative that we begin fundraising immediately.

Please Donate today:

Visit and click on the “Donate Now” link at the bottom of the page and choose “Clinic Program”, or

Please mail all checks to:

Full Circle Foundation

Attn: David Bailey Fund

3585 Keefer Road

Chico CA 95973

Full Circle Foundation is a 501c(3) tax-deductible foundation. (All
letters will be forwarded to David and a tax-deductible receipt will be
mailed to you for all checks sent)

Before you finish this letter and decide to perhaps do something
tomorrow or next week, please understand that we would never ask for
help for a person like David Bailey without completely understanding
how dire the situation has become.


Friends of David Bailey

Mark Edwards

Todd Jacobs

Rick James (father of Ricky James)

Don Flaner (president – Full Circle Foundation)

Shawn DeCloedt

Donn Maeda (editor – Transworld MX)

Davey Coombs (editor – Racer X)

Ryan Hughes

Johnny O’Mara

James Stewart

Dan Harvell (Cahuilla Creek MX)

Johnny Leach

Cliff White (American Honda)

Bob Babbitt (Challenged Athletes Foundation/Competitor Magazine)

David Evans (MX Edge)

Ludovic Boinnard (One Industries)

Marc Blanchard (One Industries)

Danny Dobey (One Industries)

David Izer (DMXS Radio)

Kevin Kelly (DMXS Radio)

Please read the statement below from Don Flaner, president of Full Circle Foundation, regarding David’s medical situation:

David has developed a very dangerous pressure sore that has become so
deep that it has become life threatening. Insurance is only taking care
of part of the medical costs and David now requires much needed medical
attention that goes beyond insurance. As many of you know David is the
Spokesperson for Full Circle Foundation and FCF is very involved with
the Reeve-Irvine Center. We were very fortunate to have had time with
Christopher Reeve. Unfortunately for all of us, and the reason for our
concern, is that Christopher died from this same type of infection that
David now has, and that has now made this extremely important.

I am very proud to have David as a friend and incredibly grateful for
all of the work he has done for Full Circle Foundation, especially the
nights he has sat up answering letters and emails consoling others that
have been injured. His continued dedication to our sport is incredible,
and his desire to help others is way beyond that of a mere mortal. It
is now payback time.

Don Flaner

President Full Circle Foundation

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