Coutesy Yamaha Motor Corporation USA

Cypress, CA (April 24, 2004) Yamaha Motor Corporation USA was notified on Friday evening April 23, 2004 at the Salt Lake City supercross that factory racers David Vuillemin, Chad Reed and Yamaha privateer Tyson Hadsell had been penalized 25 points each by AMA Pro Racing for using illegal fuel during the Dallas Supercross. Team Yamaha is baffled by the findings, the timing, and the unprecedented 25 point deduction and plan to appeal the ruling.

AMA Pro Racing implemented new fuel requirements beginning with the 2004 season. The AMA informed teams of available fuel field testing equipment. Team Yamaha purchased the equipment and subsequent testing at each race returned levels meeting AMA requirements. Prior to the Dallas supercross, Team Yamaha’s fuel had most recently been tested, and passed, after Chad Reed and David Vuillemin finished 1st and 2nd at the San Francisco supercross.

Team Yamaha, Tyson Hadsell, David Vuillemin, and Chad Reed are disappointed with the AMA decision but remain focused on the Salt Lake City supercross. Chad Reed will be aiming for his 11th supercross victory of the year, and is optimistic that the championship is within reach at Salt Lake City, or May 1, 2004 at Las Vegas round.

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