Infor courtesy Yamaha Motor Corp. USA

Yamaha is proud to announce the signing of Josh Hill to the Factory
Motocross Team. With a number of amateur championships, Yamaha’s top
prospect will go from the amateur ranks to a factory racer the next
time his YZ250F hits the track. Yamaha has watched his speed, maturity,
and racing knowledge grow, and are confident they have another future
champion in Josh, especially after his recent performance at the
Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Championships.

Josh had little time to reflect on his most recent championships, the
125 A and 125 A Pro-Sport classes and winning the AMA Horizon Award
(awarded to the best graduating amateur racer), when Team Yamaha
approached Josh with the opportunity to race this weekend at the
Millville National. “I am looking forward to my first professional
race; my goal is simply to gain experience. I’ll need to adjust to the
higher level of talent and be able to ride that speed for twice as long
as any moto I’ve ever raced,” explains Josh Hill. “I’m fortunate my
amateur career ended on such a positive note but I won’t celebrate.
Yamaha is allowing me to ride the Nationals and I want to take
advantage of that opportunity.”

“We are looking forward to having a 250F racer in the factory semi”,
explains Yamaha Team Manager Jim Perry. “Yamaha won several “Lites”
titles with Kevin Windham and John Dowd, and hope Josh will bring many
more. He is a great, hard working kid with a bright future and we look
forward to seeing his YZ250F on many podiums.”

Look for Josh Hill’s #375 Yamaha YZ250F at the Millville National, and
the following rounds of the 2006 Motocross Lites series and the 2007
Supercross Lites and Motocross Lites series.

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