The final day of ESPN’s X Games Los Angeles 2013. X Games is the annual extravaganza of action & extreme sports, music, fashion, and more. If you’ve never been to an X Games – try to go. Next year’s event will be held in Austin, Texas, at the Circuit of the Americas. Very cool place.

Today on Day 4 – Men’s & Women’s Moto X Enduro X, RallyCross Lites, and Ford RallyCross Supercar.

Taddy takes Gold in Enduro X!

ESPN’s YouTube clip of the Men’s Enduro X Moto X Finals

ESPN’s YouTube clip of Moto X Bloopers

Courtesy ESPN / X Games

Heikkinen’s Remarkable at RallyCross, Blazusiak Owns Enduro X

A crowd of 24,000 closed out X Games Los Angeles before the event moves on to Austin, Texas next summer, bringing the four-day total to 92,000 and the eleven-year total for X Games Los Angeles to 1.5 million. Competition wrapped up with Enduro X and sold out Ford RallyCross competitions.

Just east of downtown Los Angeles at the Irwindale Event Center, the day’s main attraction was the Ford RallyCross. While all eyes were on Travis Pastrana, who raced a NASCAR Nationwide event the day prior, it was not to be for the X Games legend as Finnish phenom Toomas Heikkinen proved why he is one of the most consistent racers on the circuit.

After a smooth start, favorites Ken Block and Liam Doran tangled on the second corner of the race, causing a lock up that Heikkinen was able to negotiate and take an early lead. Last nights silver medalist in Gymkhana, Tanner Foust and Norway’s Sverre Isachsen battled for second and third, but Heikkinen’s lead proved too much to overcome. Pastrana, who was displaced in the early lock up, could not recover and finished fourth.

The final events at Staples Center were men’s and women’s Enduro X. In the men’s competition, Taddy Blazusiak was able to take the crucial hole shot. Battling through the course, the 30-year-old racer from Poland held onto his lead as Mike Brown and Cody Webb traded places throughout, eventually finishing second and third. Coming off a silver medal in Munich, it was Barcelona native Laia Sanz who emerged through the punishing course and gained control over rival Maria Forsberg for the gold in the women’s division.

RallyCross Final
Gold: Toomas Heikkinen, 6:15.573 (FIN)
Silver: Tanner Foust, 6:19.678 (USA)
Bronze: Sverre Isachsen, 6:25.002 (NOR)

RallyCross Final Results
1. Toomas Heikkinen, 6:15.573 (FIN)
2. Tanner Foust, 6:19.678 (USA)
3. Sverre Isachsen, 6:25.002 (NOR)
4. Rhys Millen, 6:31.579 (USA)
5. Travis Pastrana, 6:47.646 (USA)
6. Ken Block, 6:55.629 (USA)
7. Brian Deegan, -1 lap (USA)
8. Patrik Sandell, -2 laps (SWE)
9. Scott Speed, -5 laps (USA)
10. Liam Doran, -10 laps (GBR)

RallyCross Lites Final
Gold: Joni Wiman, 6:50.078 (FIN)
Silver: Mitchell DeJong, 6:54.968 (USA)
Bronze: Sebastian Eriksson, 6:57.618 (SWE)

RallyCross Lites Final Results
1. Joni Wiman, 6:50.078 (FIN)
2. Mitchell DeJong, 6:54.968 (USA)
3. Sebastian Eriksson, 6:57.618 (SWE)
4. Kevin Eriksson, 7:04.060 (SWE)
5. Reinis Nitiss, 7:21.144 (LAT)
6. Alexander Westlund, -1 lap (SWE)

Men’s Enduro X Final
Gold: Taddy Blazusiak, 7:55.393 (POL)
Silver: Mike Brown, 7:59.137 (USA)
Bronze: Cody Webb, 8:02.191 (USA)

Men’s Enduro X Final Results
1. Taddy Blazusiak, 7:55.393 (POL)
2. Mike Brown, 7:59.137 (USA)
3. Cody Webb, 8:02.191 (USA)
4. Colton Haaker, 8:06.488 (USA)
5. Taylor Robert, 8:17.305 (USA)
6. David Knight, 8:25.399 (Isle of Man)
7. Cory Graffunder, -1 lap (CAN)
8. Justin Soule, -1 lap (USA)
9. Kyle Redmond, -1 lap (USA)
10. Gary Sutherlin, -1 lap (USA)
11. Destry Abbott, -2 laps (USA)
12. Ty Tremaine, -3 laps (USA)

Women’s Enduro X Final
Gold: Laia Sanz, 5:10.410 (ESP)
Silver: Maria Forsberg, 5:47.608 (USA)
Bronze: Tarah Gieger, 6:02.599 (PUR)

Women’s Enduro X Final Results
1. Laia Sanz, 5:10.410 (ESP)
2. Maria Forsberg, 5:47.608 (USA)
3. Tarah Gieger, 6:02.599 (PUR)
4. Sandra Gómez Cantero, 6:03.898 (ESP)
5. Rachel Gutish, 6:10.665 (USA)
6. Kacy Martinez, 6:19.347 (USA)
7. Chantelle Bykerk, -1 lap (CAN)
8. Shelby Turner, -1 lap (CAN)
9. Maria Franke, -2 laps (USA)
10. Lexi Pechout, -3 laps (CAN)

Taddy Blazusiak, X Games Los Angeles gold medalist Enduro X on what’s next. “I’m going to be sitting at the pool the next month. I hope you guys are doing the same!”

Photo of Taddy with Gold Medal – Garth Milan / ESPN Images

Thanks to ESPN / X Games & their incredible staff. For everything “X”, check out their site




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