It’s the extravaganza that is X Games – a signature ESPN event. Today on Day 3 – Skateboard Vert, Street League Skateboarding, Gymkhana Grid, BMX Street, Adaptive Moto X Racing, Men’s & Women’s Moto X Racing. (You can call it Supercross : )

Of course you all want to know first about the supercross, officially called Men’s Moto-X Racing. Josh Hill led most of the race, but right on his rear wheel most of the race was Justin Brayton. And Justin made a block pass on Josh for the lead on a tight left hand corner on the last lap of the race to win! Brayton takes Gold! Hill second, and Chris Blose third.

There was a big pile up in the first corner, which included Chad Reed, but Chad came back to finish fourth.

In the women’s race, Australia’s Meghan Rutledge was set for the win … and had a crash just at the end! Vicki Golden captured the Gold, with Meghan second, and Chiara Fontanesi third.

The start of Men’s Moto X – Chad Reed 22, Josh Hill 75, Justin Brayton 10

Justin Brayton makes the last lap pass on Josh Hill

ESPN’s YouTube clip of the Men’s Moto X Final – watch it!

ESPN’s YouTube clip of the Women’s Moto X Final – watch the final lap!

Here is more courtesy ESPN / X Games:

Dramatic finishes at Moto X Racing, Kerley Steals BMX Street and Foust is fastest at Gymkhana. Lasek caps a golden year, Huston still superior on Street.

History was made at the Skateboard Vert finals as 40-year-old Bucky Lasek won gold beating out rival Pierre-Luc Gagnon who took silver. Lasek’s first of four runs held its ground as the field of skaters gave tried to top his score of 92.33. With signature tricks like a heelflip frontside twist, a boneless 540, Lasek swept the Summer X Games series with his fourth straight gold this year. Veteran Andy MacDonald, who has competed in every Vert event since it’s inception at the X Games, took bronze.

As the Street League finals got underway, Nyjah Huston showed his authority early, landing nearly every trick to earn gold. His winning runs included a Caballerial to noseblunt slide over the a-frame rail. Though main rival Paul Rodriguez skated the entire contest switch, his efforts we’re not enough to medal with Chris Cole taking silver and Luan Oliviera sneaking into third, landing a switch 360 flip on his final attempt. At the age of 18, this is Huston’s fourth X Games gold in Street.

At the Irwindale Event Center, Saturday’s main event was Gymkhana Grid, a driving technique turned competition in which drivers negotiate a specifically designed, gauntlet style course performing 180-degree turns, 360-degree spins, drifting and other advanced skills.

Gymkhana ambassador and favorite Ken Block was taken out in the first round, opening up the competition for Tanner Foust and ultimately taking the victory against Patrik Sandell. In best two out of three race format, Foust won the first two convincingly taking inaugural gold in the new event.

BMX Freestyle Street proved to be a clash between six-time winner Garrett Reynolds and underdog Chad Kerley. However, it was Kerley who ultimately took home gold by way of his consistency and combination tricks. Reynolds who took home silver, commented, “It’s an honor to be beat by that guy.”

Making its X Games return at the STAPLES Center, Moto X Racing competitors battled for gold for the first time since 2010. After two elimination rounds on the Supercross style course, Justin Brayton took gold in a race to remember. Patiently riding behind leader Josh Hill for most of the race, it was not until the last lap that Brayton gained control by closing out Hill with just a few turns left to bring home his first X Games gold.

On the women’s side, Meghan Rutledge, who held a strong lead for most of the race, botched a celebratory jump just before the finish line, allowing Vicki Golden to overtake her and claim gold.

Finally, Mike Schultz earned gold with an inspiring run along with five other athletes in the Adaptive race proving that heart is equally as important as talent at X Games.

BMX Street Final
Gold: Chad Kerley, 87.00 (USA)
Silver: Garrett Reynolds, 86.00 (USA)
Bronze: Jeremiah Smith, 80.00 (USA)

BMX Street Final Results
1. Chad Kerley, 87.00 (USA)
2. Garrett Reynolds, 86.00 (USA)
3. Jeremiah Smith, 80.00 (USA)
4. Ty Morrow, 76.00 (USA)
5. Simone Barraco, 69.00 (ITL)
6. Dennis Enarson, 67.00 (USA)

Adaptive Final
Gold: Mike Schultz, 25.453 (USA)
Silver: Todd Thompson, 26.486 (USA)
Bronze: Chris Ridgway, 24.786 (USA)

Adaptive Final Results
1. Mike Schultz, 25.453 (USA)
2. Todd Thompson, 26.486 (USA)
3. Chris Ridgway, 24.786 (USA)
4. Max Gomez, 26.595 (USA)
5. Steve Howe, 29.088 (USA)
6. Dave Turner, 29.947 (USA)

Gymkhana Grid Final
Gold: Tanner Foust (USA)
Silver: Patrik Sandell (SWE)
Bronze: Liam Doran (GBR)

Gymkhana Grid Final Results
1. Tanner Foust (USA)
2. Patrik Sandell (SWE)
3. Liam Doran (GBR)
4. Anton Marklund (SWE)
5. Stephan Verdier (USA)
6. David Higgins (Isle of Man)
7. Ken Block (USA)
8. Brian Deegan (USA)

Men’s Moto X Racing Final
Gold: Justin Brayton, 7:59.950 (USA)
Silver: Josh Hill, 8:01.115 (USA)
Bronze: Chris Blose, 8:02.028 (USA)

Men’s Racing Round One — Heat 1A
1. Josh Hill, 4:43.641 (USA)
2. Justin Brayton, 4:43.919 (USA)
3. Weston Peick, 4:47.277 (USA)
4. Ryan Sipes, 4:48.935 (USA)
5. Wil Hahn, 4:51.890 (USA)
6. Jeff Gibson, 4:56.782 (USA)
7. Zach Ames, 4:47.774 (USA)
8. Mike Brown, 4:59.894 (USA)
9. Tyler Bereman, 5:03.535 (USA)
10. Tyler Bowers, 5:03.546 (USA)

Men’s Racing Round One — Heat 1B
1. Chad Reed, 4:46.107 (AUS)
2. Chris Blose, 4:49.742 (USA)
3. Ben LaMay, 4:51.742 (USA)
4. Vince Friese, 4:52.706 (USA)
5. Kyle Regal, 4:54.137 (USA)
6. Travis Baker, 4:56.979 (USA)
7. Jason Lawrence, 5:02.985 (USA)
8. Mike McDade, 5:06.599 (USA)
9. Kelly Smith, 5:08.364 (USA)
10. Ricky Dietrich, 5:10.506 (USA)

Men’s Racing 2A
1. Tyler Bowers,  4:04.995 (USA)
2. Mike McDade, 4:10.048 (USA)
3. Zach Ames, 4:11.048 (USA)
4. Jason Lawrence, 4:17.311 (USA)
5. Jason Anderson, 4:17.311 (USA)
6. Jeff Gibson, 4:18.651 (USA)
7. Kelly Smith, 4:22.285 (USA)
8. Mike Brown, -1 lap (USA)
9. Tyler Bereman, -1 lap (USA)
10. Travis Baker, -7 laps (USA)

Men’s Moto X Racing Final Results
1. Justin Brayton, 7:59.950 (USA)
2. Josh Hill, 8:01.115 (USA)
3. Chris Blose, 8:02.028 (USA)
4. Chad Reed, 8:02.737 (AUS)
5. Kyle Regal, 8:12.758 (USA)
6. Ryan Sipes, 8:15.107 (USA)
7. Wil Hahn, 8:16.930 (USA)
8. Mike McDade, 8:23.200 (USA)
9. Vince Friese, 8:29.528 (USA)
10. Tyler Bowers,  -1 lap (USA)

Women’s Moto X Racing Final
Gold: Vicki Golden, 26.718 (USA)
Silver: Meghan Rutledge, 26.762 (AUS)
Bronze: Kiara Fontanesi, 27.198 (ITA)

Women’s Moto X Racing Final Results
1. Vicki Golden, 26.718 (USA)
2. Meghan Rutledge, 26.762 (AUS)
3. Kiara Fontanesi, 27.198 (ITA)
4. Jessica Patterson, 27.480 (USA)
5. Tarah Gieger, 27.623 (Puerto Rico)
6. MacKenzie Tricker, 27.948 (USA)
7. Tatum Sik, 28.167 (USA)
8. Jackie Ives, 28.186 (USA)
9. Sara Pettersson, 28.526 (SWE)
10. Taylor Higgins, 28.681 (USA)
11. Brittany Marcotte, 30.003 (USA)
12. Nicole Madsen, 30.446 (USA)

Skateboard Vert Final
Gold: Bucky Lasek, 92.33 (USA)
Silver: Pierre-Luc Gagnon, 90.33 (CAN)
Bronze: Andy Macdonald, 87.00 (USA)

Skateboard Vert Final Results
1. Bucky Lasek, 92.33 (USA)
2. Pierre-Luc Gagnon, 90.33 (CAN)
3. Andy Macdonald, 87.00 (USA)
4. Marcelo Bastos, 87.00 (BRA)
5. Rony Gomes, 86.66 (BRA)
6. Sandro Dias, 86.33 (BRA)
7. Paul-Luc Ronchetti, 83.33 (GBR)
8. Sam Beckett, 79.33 (GBR)
9. Alex Perelson, 73.00 (USA)
10. Tom Schaar, 53.00 (USA)

Street League Skateboarding Final
Gold: Nyjah Huston, 53.00 (USA)
Silver: Chris Cole, 44.60 (USA)
Bronze: Luan Oliveira, 44.20 (BRA)

Street League Skateboarding Final Results
1. Nyjah Huston, 53.00 (USA)
2. Chris Cole, 44.60 (USA)
3. Luan Oliveira, 44.20 (BRA)
4. Ryan Decenzo, 38.30 (CAN)
5. Shane O’neill, 33.10 (AUS)
6. Paul Rodriguez, 32.80 (USA)
7. Torey Pudwill, 14.60 (USA)
8. Bastien Salabanzi, 6.10 (FRA)

Justin Brayton, X Games Los Angeles Moto X Racing gold medalist on his thrilling win. “You guys had to love that right?!”

Thanks to ESPN / X Games & their incredible staff. For everything “X”, check out their site

Photos courtesy Garth Milan & Scott Clarke of ESPN Images

Josh Hill’s RCH Suzuki

Wil Hahn and Ken Roczen chat it up earlier in the day

Justin Brayton’s Yamaha





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