It’s the annual extravaganza that is X Games – a signature ESPN happening. It’s more than action & extreme sports. It’s a sensory overload of sight & sound! Today on Day 2 – Red Bull Phenom Skateboard, Red Bull Phenom BMX, GoPro BMX Big Air, Moto X Step Up, and Moto X Speed & Style.

Venues today include: Event Deck at L. A. Live, Irwindale Event Center, and, the iconic STAPLES Center.

Today’s Gold Medal winners? Read on!

Nate Adams takes the Gold Medal in Speed & Style

ESPN’s YouTube clip of Nate Adams winning in Moto X Speed & Style. We love Speed & Style – it’s a combination of supercross, mixed in with freestyle mx – all done in a sprint!

ESPN’s YouTube clip of Ronnie Renner winning Gold in Moto X Step Up!

That’s Ronnie Renner way up there! Gold Medal in Moto X Step Up

Courtesy ESPN / X Games

Adams regains Speed and Style, Renner Steps Up to gold, Wade takes triple whip to Big Air while Robinson caps legendary riding career

A crowd of 42,500 celebrated day two at X Games Los Angeles with Moto X events in prime time, a progressive Go Pro Big Air BMX competition and skateboarding elimination rounds.

At the Irwindale Event Center, the Go Pro Big Air BMX riders threw tricks seldom seen on the mega ramp making for a thrilling final. In the end, Morgan Wade stole the show with a Superman back-flip over the 55-foot gap into a huge trip tail whip measured at 21 feet on the quarter-pipe. Coming in a close second was Australia’s Vince Byron who threw a rarely seen tail whip 540 on the quarter-pipe. The competition also marked the final contest for X Games legend Kevin Robinson who greeted the crowd with an emotional retirement run – capping a storied career that stretched more than two decades.

In front of an animated crowd at Staples Center, action kicked off with Ronnie Renner launching an incredible 38.5 feet to win gold in Moto X Step Up. This was Renner’s fifth gold in the event, an X Games record, cementing his dominance in the discipline.

Moto X Speed and Style concluded with a heated final race that came down to a battle between Blake Williams and Nate Adams. Despite and early lead in both speed and style, including a backflip knack knack, Williams wedged a tire on a crucial turn stumbling enough to allow Adams to regain control and win with relative ease. Adams, a once dominant force in the sport earned his first gold in a Moto X event since 2011 battling back from a succession of injuries in recent years. Defending champ Mike Mason exited early in the competition with a broken brake lever in the quarterfinals.

In preliminary skateboard action, the Men’s Street League Prelims gave a total of 21 skaters a chance to secure one of the coveted final eight positions for Saturday’s final event. In a field of veteran superstars like Eric Kosten and Ryan Sheckler, once again it was the dominance of Nyjah Huston who earned top honors in the qualifying round. Paul Rodriguez and Luan Oliveira took second and third respectively, with yesterday’s Street League SLS Series winner, Ryan Decenzo sneaking in the final, eighth position.

On the vert ramp Pierre Luc-Gagnon showed the crowd why he is an eight-time X Games gold medalist by qualifying first with a technically impressive performance. Meanwhile, Bucky Lasek who is looking for his fourth gold of the year on the vert ramp qualified in second. Thirteen-year-old Tom Shaar who silvered in Thursday’s Big Air snuck in to the finals as well on his last and final qualifying run.

Meanwhile in the Red Bull Phenom competition, Tyson Bowerbank took the Skate division with fifteen-year-old German Felix Prangenberg capturing gold in BMX. Both won the opportunity to work on a Red Bull produced video part.

GoPro BMX Big Air Final
Gold: Morgan Wade, 91.66 (USA)
Silver: Vince Byron, 91.33 (AUS)
Bronze: Zack Warden, 89.66 (USA)

GoPro BMX Big Air Final Results
1. Morgan Wade, 91.66 (USA)
2. Vince Byron, 91.33 (AUS)
3. Zack Warden, 89.66 (USA)
4. Chad Kagy, 88.33 (USA)
5. Colton Satterfield, 86.66 (USA)
6. Kevin Robinson, 86.00 (USA)
7. Andy Buckworth, 80.33 (AUS)
8. Steve McCann, 71.00 (AUS)

Moto X Step Up Final
Gold: Ronnie Renner, Height — 38.50 (USA)
Silver: Libor Podmol, Height — 37.50ft. (CZE)
Bronze:  Matt Buyten, Height—36.00ft. (USA)

Moto X Step Up Final Results
1. Ronnie Renner, Height — 38.50ft. (USA)
2. Libor Podmol, Height — 37.50ft. (CZE)
3. Matt Buyten, Height—36.00ft. (USA)
4. Josh Hansen, Height — 32.00ft. (USA)
5. Bryce Hudson, Height — 31.00ft (USA)
6. Brian Foster, Height — 28.00ft. (USA)

Moto X Speed & Style Final
Gold: Nate Adams (USA)
Silver: Blake Williams (AUS)
Bronze: Andre Villa (NOR)

Moto X Speed & Style Final Results
1. Nate Adams (USA)
2. Blake Williams (AUS)
3. Andre Villa (NOR)
4. Matt Buyten (USA)
5. Lance Coury (USA)
6. Edgar Torronteras  (ESP)
7. Mat Rebeaud (SUI)
8. Mike Mason (USA)

Red Bull Phenom Skateboard Street Results
1. Tyson Bowerbank, 86.66 (USA)
2. Ben Sauer, 85.33 (USA)
3. Jonathan Cosentino, 83.66 (CAN)
4. Ramon Climente, 72.66 (ESP)
5. Will Flores, 62.66 (USA)
6. Yuri Facchini, 52.33 (BRA)

Red Bull Phenom BMX Street Results
1. Felix Prangenberg, 71.00 (USA)
2. Brandon Webster, 68.00 (CAN)
3. Grant Germain, 68.00 (ARG)
4. Mitchell Kent, 68.00 (GER)
5. Kiam Hashemi, 58.00 (GER)
6. Nahuel Nieto, 53.00 (USA)


BMX legend Kevin Robinson on his final X Games. “Thank you to all the fans of actions sports. We’re here to stay!” Morgan Wade, X Games Los Angeles Go Pro Big Air gold medalist. “I just learned those superman flips on Monday so to bring them here today and actually win was amazing.” Nate Adams, X Games Los Angeles Moto X Speed and Style gold medalist on coming back from recent injuries. “I’ve been through the ringer the last three years man. I can’t believe I won! I gave it my all and I won!” Ronnie Renner, X Games Los Angeles gold medalist Moto X Step Up. “I’ve been coming to this rodeo for quite some time now, and I’m definitely ready to come back for more.”

Thanks to ESPN / X Games & their incredible staff. Today’s photos – Photos: Gabriel Christus / ESPN Images, Garth Milan / ESPN Images, Matt Morning / ESPN Images.

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The start of a Speed & Style race

Ronnie Renner






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