It’s the annual extravaganza that is X Games – a signature ESPN happening. It’s far more than action & extreme sports. It’s a total sensory overload of sight & sound! Today in – Skateboard SLS Select Series, Women’s Skateboard Street, America’s Navy Skateboard Big Air, Moto X Best Whip, and Moto X Freestyle.

Venues today include: Event Deck at L. A. Live, Irwindale Event Center, and, the iconic STAPLES Center. And the Gold Medal winners? Keep reading!


Josh Hansen

ESPN’s YouTube clip of Josh Hansen winning Gold in Moto X Whip

ESPN’s YouTube clip of Taka Higashino winning Gold in Moto X Freestyle

Higashino three-peats in Moto X Freestyle; Sloan catches Big Air and Leticia Bufoni claims gold in Women’s Street, again.

In Moto X Freestyle, Taka Higashino claimed gold in the finals for a record third time. Higashino’s unique approach included a Kiss of Death backflip and a Rock Solid backflip in a pair of runs that both earned 90.00. Despite also scoring a 90.00 in his second run, Adam Jones and his one of a kind trick, the Rigamortis, earned silver as Higashino’s first run decided the tie.

Josh Hansen earned a convincing 42 percent of the vote in the fan voted Best Whip competition. The event also saw competitor Vicki Golden, the first woman to compete in the discipline, win bronze.

SLS Select Series — Final Scores
1. Ryan Decenzo, 41.60 (CAN) Moves on to Finals
2. Felipe Gustavo, 40.80 (BRA)
3. Greg Lutzka, 40.20 (USA)
4. Evan Smith, 39.20 (USA)
5. Manny Santiago, 30.40 (USA)
6. Youness Amrani, 20.10 (BEL)

Women’s Skateboard Street Final
Gold: Leticia Bufoni, 88.00 (BRA)
Silver: Lacey Baker, 86.00 (USA)
Bronze: Marisa Dal Santo, 81.00 (USA)

Women’s Skateboard Street — Final Scores
1. Leticia Bufoni, 88.00 (BRA)
2. Lacey Baker, 86.00 (USA)
3. Marisa Dal Santo, 81.00 (USA)
4. Samarria Brevard, 75.00 (USA)
5. Alana Smith, 69.33 (USA)
6. Rachel Reinhard, 64.66 (USA)

America’s Navy Skateboard Big Air Final
Gold: Elliot Sloan, 90.17 (USA)
Silver: Tom Schaar, 88.83 (USA)
Bronze: Bob Burnquist, 88.67 (BRA)

America’s Navy Skateboard Big Air — Final Scores
1. Elliot Sloan, 90.17 (USA)
2. Tom Schaar, 88.83 (USA)
3. Bob Burnquist, 88.67 (BRA)
4. Jagger Eaton, 80.50 (USA)
5. Edgard Pereira, 78.66 (BRA)
6. Nolan Munroe, 49.00 (USA)
7. Jake Brown, 40.67 (AUS)
8. Mitchie Brusco, 34.83 (USA)

Moto X Best Whip Final
Gold: Josh Hansen, 42.00 (USA)
Silver: Jeremy Stenberg, 24.00 (USA)
Bronze: Vicki Golden, 21.00 (USA)

Moto X Best Whip — Final Scores
1. Josh Hansen, 42.00 (USA)
2. Jeremy Stenberg, 24.00 (USA)
3. Vicki Golden, 21.00 (USA)
4. Robbie Maddison, 8.00 (AUS)
5. Edgar Torronteras, 5.00 (SPA)
6. Nate Adams, 2.00 (USA)

Moto X Freestyle Final
Gold: Taka Higashino, 90.00 (JPN)
Silver: Adam Jones, 90.00 (USA)
Bronze: Nate Adams, 88.00 (USA)

Moto X Freestyle — Final Scores
1. Taka Higashino, 90.00 (JPN)
2. Adam Jones, 90.00 (USA)
3. Nate Adams, 88.00 (USA)
4. Levi Sherwood, 87.66 (AUS)
5. Rob Adelberg, 86.66 (AUS)
6. Blake Williams, 85.00 (AUS)
7. Libor Podmol, 83.33 (CZE)
8. Wes Agee, 83.33 (USA)
9. Jackson Strong, 82.33 (AUS)
10. Todd Potter (USA)

Eliot Sloan, X Games Los Angeles America’s Navy Skateboard Big Air gold medalist: “I didn’t want it to end like this with Bob going out like that – Bob’s the man!“
Bob Burnquist, regarding his face plant during America’s Navy Skateboard Big Air: “That was quite the punch! But this injury has nothing to do with me in third – Elliot deserves this.”
Leticia Bufoni, X Games Los Angeles Women’s Street Gold Medalist on her golden season: “This is the best year of my life!”
Taka Higashiro, X Games Los Angeles Moto X Freestyle gold medalist on his tie breaking win: “I tried my best. Same score twice, but again, it’s just right!”

Much thanks to ESPN / X Games and their incredible staff. For everything “X”, check out their site Photos of Taka and Hansen – Matt Morning / ESPN Images



L – R: Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Josh Hansen, Vicki Golden. Photo Garth Milan / ESPN Images.




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