Yesterday saw new records set, and hopes dashed at ESPN’s Summer X Games 17 in Los Angeles. Such as Aussie Jacko Strong landing the first front flip in X Games history to win the Gold in Best Trick, Matt Buyten setting a record height in Step Up, and Travis Pastrana falling and breaking two bones in his right foot to end the Pastranathon which included the X Games, NASCAR race in Indy and back to X Games.

There are four main disciplines in X Games 17, with each having different classes in those disciplines.

  1. BMX Freestyle: Vert, Park, and Street
  2. Rally Car: Rally Car Racing and RallyCross

  3. Skateboarding: Big Air, Vert, Park, Street (Men’s & Women’s), Game of SK8, and Real Street
  4. Moto X: Step Up, Best Trick, Best Whip, Freestyle, Racing Women’s (Supercross), Speed & Style, and EnduroX (Men’s and Women’s).

Today focuses on Moto X Freestyle, along with Skateboard Street Women, BMX Freestyle Vert, and Skateboard Big Air.

Moto X Freestyle

In Moto X Freestyle, the first round consists of two groups. Each group consists of four riders who will start by doing three, 60 second runs on the course, which is a combination of dirt, rubber embankment, and ramps. Their scores will be judged on overall Impression including: difficulty of the tricks, execution of their tricks, style, use of course, and landing.

X Games 17: Day 2 - Photo 1 of 5

Taka with a seat grab

X Games 17: Day 2 - Photo 2 of 5

Torres after round 1

The first group of four riders include: Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Taka Higashino, Josh Sheehan and Dany Torres. After their three runs, Danny Torres had a combined score of 82 and Taka finished second with 76 points to advance to the final. Josh Sheehan, who participated in the Nitro Circus Live Show in Las Vegas, crashed on his first run and did not continue.

The second group of four riders include: Todd Potter, Adam Jones, Andre Villa, and Nate Adams. On Nate’s final run he launches his final jump about 100 feet, while doing a one handed backflip. Adams advanced to the final with a top qualifying score of 88 points, along with Adam Jones who scored a combined total of 83 points.

X Games 17: Day 2 - Photo 3 of 5

Andre Villa’s back-flip seat grab

In the Moto X Freestyle final its: Adams, Jones, Torres, and Higashino.

Here is how ESPN describes it, In a packed STAPLES Center, Nate Adams of Glendale, Ariz. made his first return to the top of the Moto X Freestyle podium since 2004 as he took gold thanks to two of the highest-scored runs in the competition Friday night.

“Freestyle and Speed & Style are my favorite events for the weekend. Now that freestyle is over I’m really excited for Speed & Style,” Adams said.

Adams, who was the event’s reigning bronze medalist, threw out jumps that included massive 360s and technical combos to take the win.

X Games 17: Day 2 - Photo 4 of 5

Nate Adams

After missing out on making the final round in Moto X Freestyle in 2010, Adam Jones of Minden, Nev. wasn’t holding back, with no-handed landings and a huge third run to take the silver medal.

“I liked the smaller arena a lot better. A course like this is what I am comfortable riding on,” Jones said. “I was so excited to come this far in this contest and I wasn’t going to give up. You can’t buy this feeling, you have to earn it and we got it today.”

Spain’s Dany Torres, who also didn’t make it past round-one eliminations in 2010, went home with the bronze medal.

“I’m really happy to compete in X Games and with my third-place result,” Torres said.

  1. Nate Adams – 91.00
  2. Adam Jones – 86.00
  3. Dany Torres – 83.00
  4. Taka Higashino – 78.00

More from

More Results from X Games 17 – Day 2:

Skateboard Street Women Final at The Event Deck at L.A. LIVE

  1. Marisa Dal Santo – 88.00
  2. Alexis Sablone – 84.33
  3. Leticia Bufoni – 78.00
  4. Elissa Steamer – 64.66
  5. Jessica Florencio – 63.00
  6. Rachel Reinhard – 74.33*
  7. Candy Jacobs – 75.33*
  8. Eliana Sosco – 63.33*
  9. Amy Caron – 62.66*
  10. Vanessa Torres – 53.33*

* Did not compete in finals. Round One score.

“I was actually dreading this the whole year,” an exuberant Dal Santo said. “The last couple of days I have been breaking out in cold sweats. So to come out here and win is crazy. I just tried to land everything and it worked out. The course was a lot of fun and all the girls are great friends, this is one big happy family.”

BMX Freestyle Vert Final at the Nokia Theatre

  1. Jamie Bestwick – 92.00
  2. Steve McCann – 90.00
  3. Vince Byron – 79.00
  4. Simon Tabron – 69.00
  5. Jimmy Walker – 60.00

“Everybody kind of looks at me to set the high bench mark,” Bestwick said. “But why should it be up to me all the time? I want to be challenged by other riders and that has been quite a task for people to achieve. But here we are at X Games 17; everybody stepped up and gave me a run for my money.  So I had to put my riding to another level. BMX Vert is all about everyone throwing down until the end and here we are with a five-peat and I cemented my name in history.”

Skateboard Big Air Final at Lot 7

  1. Bob Burnquist – 92.66
  2. Adam Taylor – 89.66
  3. Edgard Pereira – 87.00
  4. Rony Gomes – 87.00
  5. Mitchie Brusco – 81.33
  6. Jake Brown – 45.33
  7. Elliot Sloan – 43.33
  8. Rob Lorifice – 4.33

X Games 17: Day 2 - Photo 5 of 5

Staples Center in Los Angeles

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