Sunday, August 1, 2010, Staples Center, Los Angeles, California. The final day of X Games 16 has all the action going on here at the Staples Center, and right next door at the Event Deck at L. A. Live. The activities include BMX Freestyle Street, Skateboard Adaptive Jam, Skateboard Street for Women, Skateboard Park Legends, Skateboard Park Women’s Jam, Skateboard Game of SK8, Moto X Speed and Style, and Skateboard Park.

Our highlights will be here from the Staples Center, with Moto X Speed & Style, … but we also have all of today’s results courtesy of ESPN.

What is Moto X Speed & Style? The best way to describe it – it’s supercross and freestyle mx combined. It’s like a small supercross track, except – there is a freestyle mx ramp, and each rider must do one trick on the ramp each lap! (See video below of Nate Adams in practice.)

The Elimination round is like ‘seeding’. Each rider goes out on the track by himself, and get scored on his speed and style. Then the riders are paired in brackets, based on their finishes.

‘Judges’ award riders a ‘style’ score based on their overall impression of the rider’s tricks performed on the track. In the Finals, two riders go head-to-head. They go four laps. And, the rider that crosses the finish line first gets bonus ‘speed’ points for their margin of victory over the other rider. The goal is to find a balance between speed (time) and style (execution of tricks).

X Games 16 - Day 4 of Competition - Photo 1 of 2

Travis Pastrana with a back flip heel clicker in practice.

But over at The Event Deck, we’ve got the Final standings from BMX Freestyle Street!

  1. Garrett Reynolds
  2. Dennis Enarson
  3. Brian Kachinsky
  4. Sean Sexton
  5. Dakota Roche

It’s Garrett’s third Gold Medal! “It feels really good to get the gold again,” said Reynolds. “My goal was to go out and have fun so there was no pressure to win three.”

Skateboard Women’s Street Final Results:

  1. Alexis Sablone
  2. Leticia Bufoni
  3. Marisa Dal Santo
  4. Evelien Bouilliart
  5. Elissa Steamer

“I grew up skating in my garage, so I really had to step it up to make those transitions on the street course,” said Sablone. “I was nervous about the new format and it took a little getting used to, but this feels amazing and I still can’t believe it.”

Next – Skateboard Park Legends Final Results:

  1. Christian Hosoi – Gold!
  2. Chris Miller
  3. Steve Caballero
  4. Jeff Grosso
  5. Lance Mountain

“I dedicate this win to my mom who passed away a few weeks ago,” said Hosoi. “I know she’s with me, and I had a great day today doing what I love.”

5:40pm – Moto X Speed & Style Elimination gets under way! There is going to be 11 riders. Each riders is on the track by himself. Nate Adams starts with the first run. Next, it’s Matt Buyten. Next rider – Brian Deegan. The next run will be Ronnie Faisst. This next run is Kevin Johnson. The next rider is Jeff Kargola. Then it’s The Godfather, Mike Metzger! And now, by far the obvious fan favorite based on the cheering – riding the 199 Suzuki, Travis Pastrana! And Travis is hauling! He could still ride supercross – the speed is there. He looked great out on the track. And – Travis has scored the top position so far in this ‘ranking’ position of the Elimination round. Next rider – Ronnie Renner. Then Myles Richmond, and then Jeremy Stenberg.

Pastrana emerges as the top ranked rider from this round. We’ll see now how the riders get paired together in their brackets to ultimately get down to the final two. The scoring after this Elimination round shows Pastrana first, then Adams, Stenberg, Faisst, Johnson, Deegan, Buyten, Metzger, Renner, Kargola, and Richmond.

While waiting for the Finals to begin of the Moto X Speed & Style ….. over at The Event Deck at L. A. Live, Tommy Sandoval was unstoppable with his frontside kickflip to come out on top for an X Games Gold Medal in the debut of the Game of SK8 Final.

“I just had to do what I knew I could do and hoped it would work. That’s how it is with everyone in this game – do what you know you can do best,” said Sandoval.

Similar to H-O-R-S-E, the Game of SK8 consisted of a competition format where athletes had to complete the same trick that their prior competitor did. If the trick was not executed correctly, they collected a letter. After three failed attempts their letters would spell SK8 and they would be eliminated from the competition.

“It was really different to the other competition formats and we didn’t get too traditional with the Game of SK8 where if you did a trick everyone on the roster had to do it,” said Sandoval.

In the end it was Sandoval competing against Sierra Fellers who said the Game of SK8 made him want to work on the tricks that he didn’t land in the competition.

“We both have different tricks, and we both know who can and can’t do certain ones,” said Fellers. “Today, Tommy did more tricks that he knew I couldn’t do and I guess I will have to work on them now.”

And, also at The Event Deck at L. A. Live, it’s the Skateboard Park Men’s Final Results!

  1. Pedro Barros
  2. Andy Macdonald
  3. Kevin Kowalski
  4. Curren Caples
  5. Bucky Lasek

“It’s amazing to be at the X Games as a pro skater,” said Barros. “I saw Andy ripping it up, and I realized that I needed to step up my routine. I put all of my tricks into the run and what really helped me was the 540 Vert wall trick.”

It’s time for the Finals of Moto X Speed & Style. We learn that it actually starts with the top eight riders going in to Quarter Final brackets. The first pairing – top seed Travis Pastrana against number 8 seed Mike Metzger! Pastrana comes out of the downhill start just ahead of Metzger. They are both going fast, both doing as many tricks as possible … and Pastrana is pulling out a bit of a lead in this four lap event. Pastrana moves on to the next round. The next paring – K Johnson v. R Faisst. Johnson is leading Faisst. Even though Johnson ‘wins’ by a couple seconds, with the scoring … Faisst moves on to the next round! The next pairing – B Deegan v. J Stenberg. They literally are side by side down the entire first straight away! On their second lap, they are jumping over the freestyle ramp section very close together! It’s racing! It’s freestyle! It’s … wild! Stenberg moves on to the next round! Now, the pairing is the number seven seed M Buyten vs. the two seed N Adams. Adams with a slight holeshot. His first freestyle jump – a no hander backflip! Adams starting to stretch lead … Adams wins on both speed and style – he’s moving on.

Now we are on to the Semi Finals. It’s R Faisst v T Pastrana! Pastrana with a slight holeshot. He’s on a two-stroke … Faisst is on a four-stroke. Pastrana is pulling out a lead … and has done two back flips in a row on consecutive laps. On the rest of the track, which is just like supercross – Travis is looking in top form. He is f-a-s-t! And Travis moves on to the Finals!

The other Semi Final now – it’s J Stenberg v N Adams. Adams has an early lead … but Stenberg almost catches him in the third corner! A few hundred yards later – Stenberg has crashed. Adams will move on … he does a backflip to the roar of the crowd!

It’s going to be Travis Pastrana and Nate Adams head to head in this final event of X Games 16. As we wait for this final event, the crowd here at Staples Center is going crazy! It’s the top two seeds, ready to go for the Gold.

But wait … there is going to be a race before this Gold Medal Final! For the Bronze Medal, it’s going to be Faisst v Stenberg! Who knew? But on the banked left hand corner that is on a rubberized surface, Stenberg falls. But he ain’t done! He remounts the bike! And – Faisst has stalled his bike now! He can’t get it restarted! Stenberg has passed him! The crowd is literally standing on their feet, screaming, going crazy! Then Stenberg launches his bike off the top of the dirt landing area of the freestyle section!

Simply put – Speed & Style is a big hit.

Now – the final event of X Games 16 – Nate Adams and Travis Pastrana. 8:36pm – they blast off! Travis with a slight holeshot! Both riders are pulling out all the stops on their tricks. Pastrana with a double heel clicker back flip. Adams with a no hand back flip. Travis is leading by a few seconds … Travis Pastrana has won the Moto X Speed & Style Finals! Travis takes Gold!

Here are the official Final Standings of Moto X Speed & Style

  1. Travis Pastrana
  2. Nate Adams
  3. Jeremy Stenberg
  4. Ronnie Faisst
  5. Kevin Johnson
  6. Brian Deegan
  7. Matt Buyten
  8. Mike Metzger

“I feel so lucky to have done well in this competition. I never have won and have always struck out,” said Pastrana. “The crowd here is awesome and I really feel welcomed here at X Games.”

“I knew Nate had bigger tricks. He was doing the 360s and lazyboy flips and I said ‘I’m just going to focus on the speed. I’m going to go as fast as I can,” said Pastrana. “This was a really good year and it feels so good.”

We think this Speed & Style could catch on : )

X Games 16 - Day 4 of Competition - Photo 2 of 2

Moto X Speed & Style medal ceremony.

Nate Adams practicing for Moto X Speed & Style

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This is a video of Travis at his post event press conference, which includes a few shots of him in his practice session of Moto X Speed & Style


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