Saturday, July 31, 2010, Los Angeles Coliseum, California. X Games Action is going on at two different venues today – here, and L. A. Live. The activities include BMX Freestyle Park, Skateboard Street Men, Rally Car Racing, BMX Freestyle Big Air, SuperRally Car, and Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam.

Our highlights will be here from the Coliseum, with Rally Car and SuperRally Car, … but we also have all of today’s results courtesy of ESPN.

BMX Freestyle Park Final Results at L.A. LIVE:

  1. Daniel Dhers
  2. Dennis Enarson
  3. Gary Young
  4. Brett Banasiewicz
  5. Diogo Canina

“In practice, I was doing more lines and not so many tricks,” said Dhers. “I felt like I was packing too much into it so I chose to focus on doing more tricks for the Final. When I was a kid, I watched the X Games, looking for the newest trick. The difficult course they created really challenges you to bring your best.”

‘Walk Thru’ video of the X Fest grounds near Staples Center. X Games has so much to see…so much to do…experience it for yourself!

Skateboard Street Men’s Final Results at The Event Deck at L.A. LIVE:

  1. Ryan Sheckler
  2. Nyjah Huston
  3. Ryan Decenzo
  4. Chaz Ortiz
  5. Sierra Fellers

“It was a crazy contest to be back. I got hurt last year and wanted to get back this year, and this definitely exceeded my expectations,” Sheckler said. “I’m psyched. I just had to believe in myself. I just needed to get my bearings about me, let it flow and not worry so much about it. I couldn’t have done anything more.”

4pm the Rally Car Racing Elimination / Final. And Rally Car is freaky! It’s way different than what we saw in practice. The track has more corners, more up and down hills. They race two cars at a time, on the same course, but they start in different places. And there is a huge jump in the middle! And in between that huge jump is part of the course where the other driver and car can be.

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 1 of 10This is Rally Car! Two drivers on the track at the same time! Looks like fun to us!

Watch Travis Pastrana practicing in his Rally Car!

As the Rally Car elimination continues, it’s now a face off between Travis Pastrana and Brian Deegan. For some of the drivers that were previously eliminated … there was probably some confusion – some of them didn’t know which way to go on the track! About a half lap into this race, Travis is a few seconds behind … so he’s going for it 100% and trying to make up the time. Unfortunately, Travis spins a bit up one of the hills, and hits one of the barriers protecting the cement of the Coliseum Peristyles … and Travis is out for Rally Car competition. But he’ll be back for SuperRally!

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 2 of 10Rally Car! Is what you are seeing making sense?

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 3 of 10

More of Rally Car

5:35pm. Time for the Rally Car Final. It’s down to a battle between two drivers – Brian Deegan and Tanner Foust. They are going to battle for the Gold Medal. Deegan is having a problem … and Tanner Foust comes away with the Gold!

Rally Car Final Results:

  1. Tanner Foust
  2. Bryan Deegan
  3. Andrew Comrie-Picard
  4. Antoine L’Estage

“It was a tricky course, but to be honest, I am ready to go again,” said Foust. “You make your own dust cloud and get lost so you need to find your way. Like the Moto X Freestyle guys, I visualize the course. It does get confusing, but today, it seems I had a clear vision.”

Not sure what SuperRally Car is, or how it’s different from Rally Car … but we are going to find out!

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 4 of 10

Anastasia and Julia – journalists/photographers from Moscow, Russia. X Games is Global!

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 5 of 10Part of the beauty of the peristyles and the show here at the L. A. Coliseum and X Games 16

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 6 of 10One of the ESPN 3D Cameras. Notice the two lenses on the top left. What you can’t see is the ‘second’ part of the unit. There is a bigger component to the camera that a second personmust carry.

Before the SuperRally Car Final, it’s time for the BMX Freestyle Big Air Final! Six riders – Andy Buckworth, Steve McCann, Anthony Napolitan, Morgan Wade, Chad Kagy, and Kevin Robinson. The crowd here – considering the Coliseum has over 100,000 seats, is quite large!

BMX Freestyle Big Air Final Results:

  1. Chad Kagy
  2. Steve McCann
  3. Andy Buckworth
  4. Anthony Napolitan
  5. Morgan Wade
  6. Kevin Robinson

“It was nice to be able to go out and land my first run. It was good motivation because being able to land that first run and getting it under your belt means that you can build on top of that,” said Kagy.

“It’s always nice to be up out in front. However, the way that we run this is that only one run counts. At any given moment, any of those guys could have bumped me out,” Kagy said. “It’s the first time I’ve ever shot to the top on the first run and then could just hang out and watch. I knew that I had other tricks on tap, but I didn’t really need to do it.”

OK, time for Rally Car SuperRally Final! Can’t wait to see what this format is all about! Here is the description:

“Each of the 12 drivers will complete a seeding (time trial) session to determine the starting grid in the three heat, four car, four lap Elimination heat races. (Got it? 3 heats. 4 cars in each. 4 laps.) The winner of each Elimination heat race will advance to the Final. The three 2nd place finishers from each of the Elimination heats, and the highest seeded driver who has not yet advanced will compete in a four lap last chance qualifier (LCQ). The winner of the LCQ will join the winners of the Elimination heat races in the Final. The Final is a five lap race!

The SuperRally course includes a longer alternate ‘joker’ lane with a gap jump. The competitors have the choice to take the joker lane on any lap, but must complete that lane once per race. This exciting alternate route gives the drivers another opportunity to strategize their race approach.” Wow.

The first heat win goes to Stephen Verdier. Tanner Foust takes the win in heat number two. Before the start of heat three – the PA announcers are telling us Travis Pastrana is being replaced by Carl Decker. Travis’ car was too damaged from his earlier race – they tried to get it 100% ready after he crashed into the barrier earlier in Rally, but no go. We’ll get to see him tomorrow though in the Speed and Style event. Brian Deegan wins heat three of SuperRally.

Now it’s time for the LCQ. Wild race! Quite a few crashes! The winner is Samuel Hubinette.

It is time for the Final here of SuperRally! Tanner Foust with the early lead! They are going to go five laps in this Final. Tanner Foust wins SuperRally Final Gold!

SuperRally Final Results:

  1. Tanner Foust
  2. Brian Deegan
  3. Samuel Hubinette
  4. Stephan Verdier

“The track was perfect and had so much grip,” Foust said. “Door-to-door, I like racing the four cars, but even when you say you don’t have a favorite kid, you always do. And Super Rally is definitely my favorite.”

Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam Final Results:

  1. Bob Burnquist
  2. Rob Lorifice
  3. Elliot Sloan
  4. Adam Taylor
  5. Pierre-Luc Gagnon
  6. Jake Brown

“What’s cool about rail is the show of progression and some of the technical tricks that we can pull off in a little bit of a slower environment while still going fast,” said Burnquist. “It’s a pretty big gap but there are a lot of opportunities to pull off those tricks.”

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 7 of 10Brian Deegan (38)

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 8 of 10Dave Mirra (40)

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 9 of 10Travis Pastrana (199)

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 10 of 10Tanner Foust (34)

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