Thursday, July 29, 2010, Los Angeles Coliseum, California. Action is going on at three different venues today – the Los Angeles Coliseum, the Event Deck at L.A. Live, and the the Nokia Theatre. The activities include Moto X Freestyle, BMX Freestyle Park, Skateboard Street, Skateboard Big Air, and Super X (supercross for men, women, and adaptive. Adaptive is supercross racing for riders with physical disabilities, such as missing a limb).

Our highlights will be here from the Los Angeles Coliseum, but we also have all of today’s results courtesy of ESPN.

Moto X Super X Adaptive Final Results:

  1. Mike Schultz
  2. Todd Thompson
  3. Beau Meier
  4. Jason Woods
  5. Jim Wazny
  6. Samuel Erasmus
  7. Jesse Gildea
  8. Shane Shipley
  9. Ricky James
  10. Nick Pappas
  11. Dave Turner
  12. Ranel Cox

Schultz, who took the Moto X Super X Adaptive silver in 2009, narrowly took the win after having trouble with his prosthesis during the race, which he built custom for competing in the X Games.

“I wasn’t able to stand up on my prosthetic side so I lost a few paces, but we pulled it off and ended up in the lead so it’s good,” Schultz said.

In heat 1 of the Men’s Moto X Super X, two-time defending X Games Super X Gold Medalist Josh Hansen, riding with the number 1 plate, won the first heat of the day.

X Games 16 - Day 1 of Competition - Photo 1 of 8Josh Hansen winning heat 1.

In heat 2, we see number 338 – Jason Lawrence! But the leader is Josh Grant, and he’s followed by Ivan Tedesco. Then comes Nick Wey, and J-Law is fourth.

X Games 16 - Day 1 of Competition - Photo 2 of 8

Josh Grant clicking his heels over the finish line in Heat 2.

The start is quite different from any other supercross we’ve seen. It’s a steep downhill! This track also has a big uphill and downhill, reminiscent of the AMA Supercross races that have been held here in the past.

X Games 16 - Day 1 of Competition - Photo 3 of 8The downhill start for Moto X Super X

The results of Moto X Freestyle Round 1, Travis Pastrana is the leads with a score of 82.00, Nate Adams 79.00, Levi Sherwood 71.00, Mat Rebeaud 65.00, Rob Adelberg 62.00, Robbie Maddison 60.00, Dany Torres 55.00, Adam Jones 55.00.

At just about 5:45pm Pacific Time, the Women’s Moto X Super X event takes off in a 6 lap final. And it’s number 1 Ashley Fiolek in the lead. Jessica Patterson (2) is right behind Ashley.

Fiolek is leading, and it looks like Patterson has crashed. So it’s Fiolek, Tarah Geiger in second, and third is Sara Price. And Ashley Fiolek has won Gold in Women’s Supercross Finals!

Moto X Super X Women’s Final Results:

  1. Ashley Fiolek
  2. Tarah Geiger
  3. Sara Price
  4. Vicki Golden
  5. Jacqueline Strong
  6. Tatum Sik
  7. Jolene Van Vugt
  8. Sherri Cruse
  9. Elizabeth Bash
  10. Jessica Patterson (DNF)

X Games 16 - Day 1 of Competition - Photo 4 of 8

Ashley Fiolek wins Gold in Moto X Super X Women.

“I am so excited right now! Christmas came early” claimed a tearful Ashley. “I just rode as smart as I could. I am so happy.”

The start of the Men’s Super X Supercross Main Event! And – Josh Hansen is the leader! In second place it’s Josh Grant, then Ivan Tedesco and Justin Brayton. This race will go 15 laps. After 5 laps, it’s Josh Hansen leading – he could win his third X Games Supercross Gold Medal in a row! Freaky! Josh Grant is second, Ivan Tedesco is third, Justin Brayton fourth, Dan Reardon fifth, Weston Peick sixth.

On lap ten, it’s Josh Hansen leading, Josh Grant second, Ivan Tedesco third, then Brayton, Reardon Nick Wey, Peick, Daniel Blair, J Decotis, Chris Gosselaar, Chris Blose, and Jason Lawrence.

And Josh Grant has passed Hansen for the lead! Hansen bobbles off the track and Tedesco goes by! It’s Josh Grant heading towards his first X Games Supercross Gold Medal! Tedesco is second, but being chased by Hansen.

Josh Grant wins the 2010 ESPN X Games 16 Los Angeles Super X Supercross Main Event!

Moto X Super X Final Results:

  1. Josh Grant
  2. Justin Brayton
  3. Josh Hansen
  4. Ivan Tedesco
  5. Dan Reardon
  6. Chris Blose
  7. Nick Wey
  8. Weston Peick
  9. Daniel Blair
  10. Jim Decotis
  11. Chris Gosselar
  12. Jason Lawrence

X Games 16 - Day 1 of Competition - Photo 5 of 8Josh Grant is victorious in Supercross / Super X for X Games 16 Gold!

“I feel great, this is a great feeling. It’s right up there with my win in Anaheim” Josh Grant said. “It was a close race but to come away with the win is great. The atmosphere and the people are fantastic here at the X Games. If I wasn’t competing, I would still be here.”

Now it’s time for the Freestyle Moto X Finals. And of course, the crowd favorite? Travis Pastrana!

View Travis practicing his Freestyle MX routine earlier in the day.

The results of the Freestyle MX Finals? Travis Pastrana takes home the gold! His 16th Gold Medal at X Games!

Moto X Freestyle MX Final Results:

  1. Travis Pastrana 80
  2. Sherwood 79

“This is a great start to the X Games” said Pastrana. “Out of the four events I am competing in, this is the last one I expected to win.”

“When I saw the course, I felt that it really favored me,” Pastrana added. “It was a lot of fun, especially the wall rides, and I knew that the only way to beat everyone else was to bring back the double backflip.”

Skateboard Big Air Final Results:

  1. Jake Brown 93.66
  2. Bob Burnquist 93.00
  3. Rob Lorifice 87.66
  4. Pedro Barros 86.66
  5. Adam Taylor 80.00
  6. Edgard Pereira

X Games 16 - Day 1 of Competition - Photo 6 of 8Jason Lawrence is back in action

X Games 16 - Day 1 of Competition - Photo 7 of 8There was a Gold Medal party last with Freestyle Motocross winner Travis Pastrana!

X Games 16 - Day 1 of Competition - Photo 8 of 8And, Miss Ashley Fiolek with her Gold Medal after winning the Moto X Super X Women’s competition.

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