X Games 15 - Day 2 Coverage - Photo 1 of 31 Rank Name Run 1 Run 2 Score 1 Kyle Loza 58.20 89.20 89.20 2 Blake Williams 88.00 86.00 88.00 3 Todd Potter 83.40 74.20 83.40 4 Travis Pastrana 61.40 0.00 61.40 5 Paris Rosen 57.80 0.00 57.80 6 Charles Pages 55.00 0.00 55.00 7 Scott Murray 51.80 50.80 51.80 8 William Watts 37.60 33.00 37.60

Moto X Super X Adaptive Final Results

Rank Name Final
1 Chris Ridgway 5:14.691
2 Mike Schultz 5:24.384
3 Jason Woods 5:31.501
4 Jim Wazny 5:44.803
5 Ricky James 5:45.370
6 Samuel Erasmus 5:46.397
7 Theodore Hiracheta 5:47.294
8 Jesse Gildea 6:12.055
9 Nick Pappas 9:36.149
10 George Hammel 9:40.448
11 Ranel Cox 9:51.570
12 Shane Tacker 10:17.961

X Games 15 day 2 photos: Moto X SuperMoto practice and seeding and Moto X Best Trick.

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Unfortunately, Supercross Champion James Stewart is out of action for the remainder of the X Games:

Supercross Champion James Stewart Out of X Games 15 Competition Due to Injury

After an unfortunate turn of events this morning during a Moto X SuperMoto qualifying session, James injured his left shoulder and now finds himself out of X Games 15 before his two main events have even started. “I was coming around a corner and kind of washed the front end” James told us this afternoon. “The tire caught a little bit and I ended up slamming my shoulder against the wall pretty hard.” (One of the hydro barriers, going about 60 mph.)

After a visit to a physician, it was determined that James could risk additional serious injury should he continue riding. “Yeah, I’m hurting pretty bad right now. It is very, very painful, and I can’t lift my shoulder above my side at all. If I could ride the bike I would, but there’s just know way at this point.”

Before the accident, James had moved his Graves-backed factory Yamaha into the third qualifying position, and was continuing to pick up speed. “I was feeling really good on the bike and was having a ton of fun. I was really looking forward to tomorrow’s events, but I’d still like to thank all of my sponsors for making this happen and getting me this far. I also want to thank Graves Yamaha for hooking up the bike, ESPN for all of the coverage, and all of my fans for sticking by me!”

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