Lierop circuit

Stefan Everts – man on a mission. Sixth win in a row. Fourth ‘same day double’ GP win in a row. Career leader in Grand Prix victories with 65 now. Heading toward a record breaking seventh World Motocross Championship.

Defending 250 World Champion Mickael Pichon had a fall, and finished sixth.

Motocross Grand Prix Results:

Stefan Everts – YAM

Joel Smets – KTM

Josh Coppins – HON

Ken Gundersen – KAW

Kevin Strijbos – SUZ

Mickael Pichon – SUZ

650 Results:

Joel Smets – KTM

Javier Garcia Vico – KTM

Danny Theybers – HUSB

Johan Boonen – KTM

Joakim Karlsson – HUSB

125 Results:

Stefan Everts – YAM

Steve Ramon – KTM

Erik Eggens

Motocross Grand Prix Point Standings:

Stefan Everts – 200

Joel Smets – 190

Mickael Pichon – 188

Next race: August 24 – Gaildorf GERMANY

Courtesy Adam Wheeler/MX Press, DORNA Off-Road


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