Grand Prix of Bulgaria, Sevlievo

Stefan Everts wins again. Defending World Champion Mickael Pichon finished fourth in the MXGP class, and continues to lead the point standings over Smets and Everts. Everts raced in the 125 class too, finishing fourth.

Motocross Grand Prix Results:

Stefan Everts – YAM

Joel Smets – KTM

Brian Jorgensen – HON

Mickael Pichon – SUZ

Andrew McFarlane – KAW

650 Results:

Joel Smets – KTM

Cedric Melotte – HON

Javier Garcia Vico – KTM

Fabrizo Dini – HON

Thierry Bethys – HON

125 Results:

Mickael Maschio – KAW

Andrea Bartolini – YAM

Marc DeReurver – KTM

Stefan Everts – YAM

Erik Eggens – KTM

Motocross Grand Prix Point Standings:

Mickael Pichon – 111

Joel Smets – 108

Stefan Everts – 100

Courtesy Adam Wheeler/MX Press, DORNA Off-Road

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