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I had a good winter. We had a holiday, some parties and fun. I went snowboarding and hung out a lot with my friends. Then when it came to practice time it was then important to focus, but still have fun! I stayed at home and it was not great with the bad weather but I think the toughness of it made me harder.

Together with the team we also made some tests in France and overall it went well. I rode a lot at Lommel – I don’t hate it yet! I did the same thing for 2010 as before. I felt that my fitness was already pretty good last season so this year should be the same or even better considering that in 2009 I started at zero, but now I have a base to work from for the GPs.

2009 was a great time for me. I looked in a lot of magazines and I only read good stuff! So that gave, and gives me, confidence and makes me want to get better.

We have been working with the new RM-Z250. The bike feels a bit different but it was strong in 2009 and already is very good for this year. Fuel injection means that the engine power is better and more aggressive but the stability and traction of the bike is still awesome. We have some testing still to do with the suspension, but I believe I can be World Champion with this machine, for sure. The 2010 bike does not mean I have to alter my style – in fact the more power the better for me.

I know I will be looked at as one of the main guys in the world championship but I believe this is one area in which many riders think a little too much and get a bit crazy about what people say and expect. I want to carry on as I have done. The team do not put any pressure on me. I know what I am aware of but we want to keep the same working environment. The situation with the sponsors, like Teka and Fox, and Suzuki is really good. There are a lot of people looking at me now and I know it is another part of the job, but I am looking forward to it.

There will be some fast guys at the GPs again this year although I still feel that one of the biggest competitors you can also have is injury. Over 15 races it is important to keep safe and look after yourself to have a solid season. I think the way to beat Musquin (MX2 World Motocross Champion) is through pressure – I want to see how strong in the head he is. I will do everything I can to beat these guys, in the right way of course!

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