When Vicki Golden turned pro in 2009, she went into the season open minded; she just wanted to see how she’d do in the Pros. It worked out pretty well for Vicki as she consistently finished in the top 4 in the first 5 rounds of the 2009 WMX season. After a season ending injury to Trey Canard, Geico Honda gave Vicki an opportunity to ride Trey’s bike the remainder of the season of the Women’s Motocross Series. It was a great experience as she finished 4th in Colorado, but her season ended prematurely as she injured herself in a practice session at Perris Raceway before the 6th round in Washougal.

In 2010 Vicki came back healthy and was picked up by Moto Concepts Yamaha. She wasn’t as consistent as she expected, but she did finish the season 4th overall points, with a 3rd place finish at the Pala Raceway National. In 2011 she will be running the #4 plate in the AMA Women’s Motocross Series.

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Vicki Golden sitting on the line at the inaugural Pala Raceway National

Vicki got back from Geneva, Switzerland a few weeks ago where she participated in a women’s supercross exhibition race with some pretty stiff competition.

How was Geneva, and what was that opportunity like?

It was awesome! I can only describe Geneva as amazing, everything is just so different over there. I got to meet Livia Lancelot, she was really cool, and I got to ride with her. That was a cool experience, it was really cool just to be out there and ride another supercross track. It was more arenacross style, but it was still good. Everything is so different, the fans over there are so much gnarlier! They treat me as if I am Ricky Carmichael over here. Having everything over there was awesome. We got to ride the 2011’s, that was cool. We didn’t really have an official race, it was a side show I guess, but the race we did have was cool. Livia and I did have a great battle and unfortunately Tarah Geiger fell, but it was a good race overall.

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From left to Right: Vicki, Tarah Gieger, Livia Lancelot, and Mat Rebeaud at the Scott booth in Geneva.

Will these events and others like it, give you the desire to do AMA Arenacross and get the points you’d need for Supercross, or has that not crossed your mind?

Yes, I have thought about it, I am not sure. It is something I still need to think about. I would definitely like to do it one day, we shall see.

Can you tell me about the Moto Concepts team, I know they picked up two women Pros and you were one of them. What was it like being on there team?

Being on the team was great! It was Marina Balbi and I, two women riders, so that was good, lot better. Just being on the team made getting to the races easier, we got full support, it helped out a lot. We got just as much support as the men and it was great having them behind me.

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Can you tell us about your 2010 season, how do you feel you did this year overall?

This year it was different, I had a lot of ups and downs, I just didn’t ride as well as I thought I would. I think I need to work on bringing what I learned from practice over to my race, because it just didn’t really workout. I started working with Steve Lamson with three rounds left and it helped out a lot, he made it so I was more comfortable at the races and I got better in the few rounds, especially at Pala, with him there it helped out a lot. So I think just continuing to work with him and getting help from all the other riders will make 2011 a lot better.

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Vicki Golden at Thunder Valley in 2010

What was your favorite national track? And which one was the hardest for you?

My favorite was a toss-up between Red Bud and Millville. The hardest was Thunder Valley in Colorado because the bikes are just, so slow there! Ha Ha!

You missed the X Games last year, but this year you finished 4th in the Women’s Super X. How were the X Games for you?

I finally got to do X Games, unfortunately I got hurt last year and I wasn’t able to do it. This year I did it, I didn’t get that much practice to race it, but it was good enough. We went in and I don’t know what happened. We did a bunch of practice start, but then the start that actually counted didn’t work out. I think I came out second to last and I only had about six laps to catch up, so it didn’t work out as well as I thought. 4th is still awesome, and it was a good experience, but now I know what to do and not do next year.

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Vicki finished 4th at X Games 16 in Women’s Super X

I have said this since 2008, the first time I saw you ride, you are wonderful to watch and I actually compare your riding style to Kevin Windham. But that said, you seem to have a James Stewart mentality where you either win or crash out. Do you have a way of getting over that, or are you just pushing it to hard?

I wish I didn’t, but I don’t know what I did different this year than last year. There is a little bit of added pressure that I didn’t think I felt, but subconsciously I did feel. Having that different kind of pressure, I think it did make me kind of inconsistent, but like I said, being on the team for a full year, staying healthy for a full year, I just have learned a lot more and now I can go into next year knowing what to do.

Have you started training for next year, what are you doing?

I am going to continue working with my trainer, Rob at X Factory, and continue riding the bike. I think I am going to continue to ride a little bit of supercrosss, because I have the suspension for it still, and all the tracks are still good. The outdoor tracks aren’t that great right now, they are all smooth and stuff. I might as well ride more supercross and once the outdoor tracks get better, and the supercross season is over, I’ll switch back to training for the outdoor series.

What are your goals for 2011?

I would like to say that I would actually win something, but we will see how it goes. I wanted to win this year, but it just didn’t happen. It just became a goal that I couldn’t reach. I would like to stay more consistent and hopefully next year win. I know I have the speed, I just have to bring it to the race.

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Vicki finished 3rd at the inaugural Pala Raceway National


Thank you to the whole Moto Concepts team for giving me such a great ride this year, supporting me, Steve Lamson, everyone that is helping me this year so far. Kibby from Factory Connection, he hooked me up with a bike and suspension for riding supercross. I have to thank Ryan Beat, he has been helping me on some supercross stuff lately, my manager Ben Hurdle and Fox, Astricks, Panic Rev, my parents, my brother and just anyone I forgot.


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