In only her second season as a professional Motocross racer, Jackie Ives is currently sitting in 16th position for the WMX point standings through the first four rounds of the 2010 AMA Woman’s Motocross Championship Series.

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Jackie Ives (17) cheezing on the line at Thunder Valley

You might think ‘How cool is it to be racing professional motocross all over the USA!’ But it’s a lot harder and a lot more work than you might think! Not all racers get the big bucks and the factory rides like James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, and Chad Reed. As a matter of fact, most of the woman racers in the USA have to work quite hard during the week just to make it to the race track!

Jackie’s from Exeter, California, where her dad (Mark) used to race dirt bikes when he was younger. After watching her dad race, Jackie decided she wanted to ride a dirt bike – before she even learned how to ride a bicycle!

So, her dad got her started riding out in the California desert when she was five years old, on an ‘old school’ Suzuki RM50 two-stroke, complete with the metal gas tank. When Jackie was 14 years old, her dad traded some landscaping work for a brand new 2001 Honda CR85. She took that bike to Hanford Cycle Park in Hanford, California every Wednesday night to ride.

A few months later, Mark took Jackie to ride at La Grange OHV Park in California, where Mark’s friends talked him into signing Jackie up for a race the next day. She competed in the 85 beginner class, where she finished seventh overall. It was her first race, a mud race, and she was one of the only riders to finish.

Over the next few years she raced locally – until 2004, when she made her amateur debut at Glen Helen MX Park. She also raced at Hangtown that year, and later Washougal, where her amateur season was cut short.

After a bad start in Washougal, she made her way up to fourth. As she was trying to make a pass for third place, she was cut off by another rider. Jackie went down, ripped her rotator cuff, detached her bicep, and demolished a bone in her arm. After the subsequent surgery, she was out of racing for the next 2 years.

Jackie didn’t let those injuries stop her from doing what she loves! When she got back on the bike, Jackie raced two more years as an amateur and did well! In 2008 she was named the ‘WMA Amateur of the Year’.

In 2009 she made her professional debut. Her best overall finish that year was at High Point Raceway in Pennsylvania – 10th overall. At the end of the season, Jackie finished 17th overall in the point standings and was nominated for ‘Rookie of the Year’, along with Sara Price and Vicki Golden.

With her 17th overall finish last season, Jackie is now sporting the number 17 plate on her 2010 Yamaha. If you get a chance to make it out to a Women’s Nationals race or the X Games this year, ask her for an autograph and take a picture with her. Here is
some insight on how tough it is to race professionally all over the USA!

Besides being a Pro Motocross rider, Jackie works at Starbucks to fuel the fire of racing & to help cover expenses. She works part-time and receives really good benefits including medical and dental. They very flexible with her hours and work around her race schedule. When Jackie and her entourage (including dad and fellow pro rider Tatum Sik) are driving from race to race, they’ll sometimes pull over just to get in a workout on the side of the road or stop for some shweeet tea!

WMX Rider Insight: Jackie Ives - Photo 2 of 3To also help fund her season, Jackie teamed with Aaram Dicochea from Pro-Tech Coatings and Daved Kunes from Prostar Industries for an idea – to make “Jackie Ives #17 t-shirts”! You can get involved too, and purchase one of her shirts, by visiting

So, now you know a bit more about Jackie ‘Poison’ Ives and what it takes to be a woman in professional motocross. One of her next goals in 2010 is to compete in the extravaganza known as ESPN’s Summer X Games 16 in Los Angeles, CA. Right now she’s an alternate in the Women’s Super X event.

It takes a lot to race professionally. Jackie would like to thank her sponsors: Utopia, D&E Yamaha, DT1 Air Filters, FMF, and Wonder Warthog for all their support. She would also like to thank her local sponsors: Pro-Tech Coatings, Prostar Industries, Robert Casey of Prudential, Mesquite Motorsports, Robert Marks Plumbing, Grants Air Conditioning & Heating, Visalia Countertop Designs, Tulare Cycle Park, and of course her family, for helping to fund her 2010 season.

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Jackie at the 2010 season opener at Hangtown


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