After review of the WMA Pro Class lineup I discovered that WMA Champion and XGames Finalist Jessica Patterson was unconfirmed to attend the WMA Cup. For those of you who dont know, the WMA Cup is the Championship race of the year, hosting the most competitive divisions of womens racing.

I had to catch up with Jessica Patterson to figure out what was going on, very unlike this six-time WMA Pro National Champion (2008, 2007,2006, 2005, 2004 and 2000) to be unconfirmed for any race! I found Jessica on AOL Instant Messenger..

Here is our quicky conversation!

MXGirlRacing (7:47:44 PM): Hey Jessica.. Rumor has it your unconfirmed for the WMA Cup this week.. What the deal with this ??

JP (7:48:58 PM): Im trying to get my insurance switched over. It happens when you get to old to be on your parents. lol

MXGirlRacing (7:49:12 PM): So how many days do you have to make this happen?

JP (7:50:40 PM): well the one I have now one ends on the 31st and Im hoping my other one is going to start the 1st. Ill know tomorrow

MXGirlRacing (7:51:33 PM): Do you believe in “meant to be” .. so if you cant switch it then, I guess it just not meant to be?

JP (7:51:59 PM): sure… it happens

MXGirlRacing (7:52:08 PM): Such a rad attitude ..

JP (7:52:14 PM): And I wont be racing if it dont for sure have insurance

MXGirlRacing (7:52:10 PM): ha!

MXGirlRacing (7:54:03 PM): Right on girl, thanks for the update and if you make it to the WMA Cup, you know Ive always been your number 1 fan!

MXGirlRacing (7:54:17 PM): Good Luck and Kick some butt!!!

WMA Pro Jessica Patterson WMA Cup Update - Photo 1 of 1

Photo from 2008 XGames – Photographer Jake Ashcraft

Jessica Patterson – Always a top contender in the womens motocross scene.


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