Are you kidding? No one knows what to expect in supercross! That’s why they run the races!

And there will be 17 of them to ultimately determine who will be crowned 2011 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series, an FIM World Championship Champion, in Las Vegas in May. (Wow – long title huh?)

First – here are the races:

January 8 – Angel Stadium – Anaheim, CA

January 15 – Chase Field – Phoenix, AZ

January 22 – Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles, CA

January 29 – Oakland-Alameda City Stadium – Oakland, CA

February 5 – Angel Stadium – Anaheim, CA

February 12 – Reliant Stadium – Houston, TX.

February 19 – Qualcomm Stadium – San Diego, CA

February 26 – Georgia Dome – Atlanta, GA

March 5 – Daytona Int’l Speedway – Daytona, FL

March 12 – Lucas Oil Stadium – Indianapolis, IN

March 19 – Jacksonville Municipal Stadium – Jacksonville, FL

March 26 – Rogers Centre – Toronto, ON, Canada

April 2 – Cowboys Stadium – Arlington/Dallas, TX

April 9 – Edward Jones Dome – St. Louis, MO

April 16 – Qwest Field – Seattle, WA

April 30 – Rice-Eccles Stadium – Salt Lake City, UT

May 7 – Sam Boyd Stadium – Las Vegas, NV

What do I notice about that?

Tough, tough schedule if you are racing in the Supercross class! It’s certainly not like the ‘old’ days, with ‘breaks’ in the schedule that were helpful to racers dealing with small injuries – bruises, strains, sprains, … and just overall physical & mental recovery time.

And no one really cares about the ‘old’ days, because this is ‘now’!

So, you gotta’ be tough, and healthy, to make it thru a tough series to be champion.

Next, the riders. Here’s how the championship ended in the 2010 season:

  1. Ryan Dungey 363 points
  2. Kevin Windham 293
  3. Davi Millsaps 268
  4. Ryan Villopoto 266
  5. Justin Brayton 238
  6. Josh Hill 233
  7. Nick Wey 197
  8. Thomas Hahn 186
  9. Ivan Tedesco 183
  10. Kyle Chisholm 177
  11. Michael Byrne 170
  12. Andrew Short 150
  13. Chris Blose 120
  14. Trey Canard 103
  15. Jason Thomas 79
  16. Matt Boni 76
  17. Chad Reed 73
  18. Grant Langston 66
  19. Jason Lawrence 62
  20. James Stewart 51

Ryan Dungey – Defending Supercross Champion

I’ve heard a lot of stuff about Ryan. How maybe “he’s still an underdog”. I say BS. For the following reasons. He is the Supercross Champion. Scoreboard! He gets to ride with the number 1 plate folks! There is a reason for that!

If you look at Ryan’s year, and career, a lot of things fall into place for him to do well. In 2010, he won both series he raced in (AMA Supercross, AMA Motocross) and he won more races than anyone. That’s not by accident. Physically, he’s probably in the best condition of his life. Physically, he is also at the age where he is coming into his prime. Mentally, he’s strong. Mentally, he’s the defending champion, on a great bike, and that brings a lot of confidence.

Kevin Windham – second place in the 2010 Supercross season

Could Kevin win the Supercross Championship in 2011?

He could! I don’t know if he will … but again, that’s why they run the races! Kevin seems happy, comfortable, and going just as fast as he ever has. Plus, he knows how to make it thru a long season. Very smart racer. And last season, he won a few races towards the end. Don’t believe the ‘hype’ about him being old. I think even he gets a laugh out of everyone calling him ‘old’! And he’s probably laughing at any of us (or you) calling him ‘old’, because he’s out there doing better than ever! Clever. Like a fox …

Davi Millsaps – third place in the 2010 Supercross season

OK, how many of you remember that Davi finished third in the 2010 Supercross season?

Davi rode for Honda in 2010. For 2011 he’ll be racing for Joe Gibbs Racing on a Yamaha. He did have his season interrupted during the summer, with a fall, injury, and surgery. He’s a bit of an unknown at this point. However, the Joe Gibbs Racing team is very professional, very organized, believes very much in Davi, … so let’s see how they do in 2011.

Ryan Villopoto – fourth place in the 2010 Supercross season

Ryan has won a lot of races and championships. Two regional Supercross titles, three outdoor MX championship in the 250 (Lites) class. Overall winner of the 2007 Motocross of Nations – on a 250!

This will be Ryan’s third season in premiere Supercross. He’s won a lot of races. In 2010 he won the most Supercross races, but a broken leg at the St. Louis event ended his season. We haven’t seen him race since then. But if his leg is 100%, expect him to be winning some races again. He usually starts out slow, and then starts winning. Hopefully he’ll do well in 2011.

Justin Brayton – fifth place in the 2010 Supercross season

Justin has not won a premiere AMA Supercross event. But that’s not to say he won’t in 2011. Again, Justin is part of the Joe Gibbs Racing Yamaha team for 2011, and they have a lot of confidence and belief in Justin, and his abilities. Will he break thru in 2011?

Andrew Short – 12th place in the 2010 Supercross season

Andrew seems to be one of those guys that keep on improving – not just in racing, but in all aspects of his life. Very mature, very composed, and very appreciative of his lot in life.

Andrew missed part of the 2010 Supercross season because of a crash at the San Diego Supercross.

What’s new in 2011 for Andrew? A lot! He’s on a new team, with a new attitude. Andrew will be on the KTM 350, and teamed with KTM North America Team Manager / Race Director Roger De Coster. Sounds like a good combination. Go Andrew go!

Trey Canard – 14th place in the premiere Supercross class in 2010

A bit of a misnomer. Why? Trey raced in the 250 West regional supercross series, and only raced a few races in the premiere Supercross class! But when racing that Honda 450, Trey did incredibly well!

Trey is now elevated to the premiere Supercross class full time. Riding for the American Honda Factory team. Trey is also the 2010 AMA Motocross 250cc (Lites) Champion. He’s young, fast, already has some experience in the ‘big’ class, and will be a nice new addition to the premiere Supercross class.

Chad Reed – 17th place in the 2010 Supercross Series

Again, a bit of a misnomer. Chad injured his wrist at the second round in Phoenix, and was ‘out of action’ for most of the season.

Chad is a two-time AMA Supercross series champion (2004, 2008). He knows what it takes to win championships.

But Chad is doing something different for 2011. He’s formed his own team, and will be racing on a Honda. Don’t know exactly what to expect … yet. Looking forward to seeing what Chad has up his sleeve, and seeing him on a Honda and with his own team at the opening round in Anaheim!

James Stewart – 20th in the 2010 Supercross series

Another misnomer. James is also a two time AMA Supercross Series Champion (2007, 2009). Plus he’s won tons of races in supercross and motocross. One of the most talented and charismatic riders ever. Can he win races in 2011? A better question is ‘Will he not win a race in 2011?”

He’s been ‘quiet’, and so has his entire team. Not much is known about James, except he’s training hard in Florida for Supercross 2011. It will be great to see him back at a supercross on the number 7 Yamaha. I’m guessing he’s super motivated to come back strong in 2011.

Jake Weimer – Jake is the 2010 AMA 250 West Regional Supercross Champion. He’s new to the premiere Supercross class. But he’s confident! To read an interview with Jake about 2011 Supercross – here you go! (Breaking news – it looks like Jake broke his arm today … more info coming ASAP here on

Christophe Pourcel – Christophe is the 2010 East Regional Supercross Champion. If Christophe races Supercross in the USA in 2011, it will be in the premiere Supercross class. Right now, we have no idea what Christophe’s plan are, or what he will do. He did suffer a shoulder injury and subsequent surgery in September. We wish him well, and hope he races Supercross in the USA – he’s a two time regional Supercross Champion, and is fun to watch race!

Tony Cairoli – The World Motocross Champion of MX1 Grand Prix is coming to the USA to race supercross! Tony is most likely going to only do two events – the Los Angeles event at Dodger Stadium, and the race in Oakland. Tony doesn’t have the experience in AMA Supercross as others, but there is no doubt as to his talent level, speed, conditioning, and mental toughness. Tony will use these two events as a ‘baptism’ to AMA Supercross … and then will return to Europe to defending his MX World Championship. But don’t be surprised to see Tony doing more races in the USA in 2012! : ) Vai Tony Go! (Not sure of my Italian … but I’m trying!)

The 250 East and West Regional Supercross Series. Who is racing is what class? Who knows? No one really knows for sure – that ‘system’ is probably a bit flawed, as the major teams can make changes, based on injuries and other to place their riders in the series of their choice. It is not based on where the rider lives.

There are two riders that I’m really looking forward to seeing race 250 supercross in the USA. Both new to AMA Supercross. Both originally from Europe.

One is 2-time World Motocross MX2 Champion Marvin Musquin from France. Marvin is super talented, has a great support team around him, and on a bike he is familiar with – the KTM 250. And he’s teamed with – Roger De Coster as his new team manager. Marvin Allez allez! (Is my French getting better?)

The other is Ubermensch Ken Roczen originally from Germany (yes, I hope Ubermensch means ‘Superman’ in German). Wait till you see him – he does stuff on a bike that will impress you! And he’s only 16! Ken raced the past two years in the World MX2 Motocross Championships for Suzuki, but now comes to America to join the KTM team – with – Roger De Coster!

Enough of this … as I said, there is a reason they are going to race 17 races all over the country for Supercross 2011!


What we can expect in AMA Supercross 2011 - Photo 1 of 1

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