by Amy Albertyn

What it's like to be married to a professional racer? - Photo 1 of 4Amy Albertyn is an attractive, intelligent, 23 year old woman. She enjoys working out, hiking, camping, and generally being outdoors. Learning more about nutrition and nursing are goals of hers, and she is also pursing a career in modeling. She grew up in Corona (California) and has three siblings. Amy is also the wife of Multi-time World and National motocross champion Greg Albertyn.

What is it like to be married to a professional racer? What are the good things? What are the negative things? Amy tells us:

BEGINNINGS: I met Greg in August of 1997. I was working at local cafe, and I would see him come in with friends. I would also see him working out at the gym. Occasionally I would see him glancing over towards me, but we never really talked, just exchanged smiles. But one day he wrote me a letter, and I responded to it with a phone call. After that, we started dating. Looking back, I remember when I first saw Greg …. can you guess that this world renowned motocross champion was too shy to come up and chat?

After learning about Greg’s profession I was a little surprised. I didn’t know much about the sport, but my opinion of his character grew when I realized what an incredible heart he has. It’s almost been four years now since we first started dating and life has really changed for the both of us. On the verge of Greg’s professional motocross retirement, I can look back at many wonderful things the Lord has blessed us with. Through the good times and the bad we’ve seen our share of adventures and life experiences.

What it's like to be married to a professional racer? - Photo 2 of 4MARRIAGE: I had just met his parents around Christmas 1997 and we were out at Newport Beach during the harbor parade. It’s a very beautiful event with decorated boats and lights. We were on a yacht with friends, hanging out and having fun. We noticed that everyone had gone inside and we were the only two left on deck of the boat. Then he got down on one knee, said “I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” I said “Yes”! We were married in September of 1998.

GREG: Greg is fun, and funny. Greg is very strong mentally and physically. He’s a great role model and a leader. He always thinks positive. And he trusts in the Lord Jesus Christ, which is one of the most important things in our marriage. He’s outgoing and more daring than I am, and I think I need that. He challenges me quite a bit!

What it's like to be married to a professional racer? - Photo 3 of 4SACRIFICE & COMPROMISE: A woman dating or married to a professional athlete needs to make certain sacrifices and compromises if the man is going to succeed. A professional athlete needs to be focused on what needs to be done. I learned quickly what it meant for Greg to prepare for a race and in turn what I needed to do to have peace of mind when time spent together was few and far between. Greg has spent countless hours and days training at the gym, practicing at tracks, and somewhere in-between finding time to build a solid foundation in our relationship. I can recall moments early on that tested my strength in every aspect, and I learned a few hard lessons. Giving Greg more time alone to focus on his training has been a blessing in disguise. With his independence I have learned how to be more of a secure person than I was before I was married. When Greg and I were first dating, I was a bit insecure with all the attention that he would get. But you grow and learn and my insecurities have faded with trust.

INJURIES: In professional motocross, it seems that everyone gets injured at one time or another. Injuries are something that has to be dealt with, and I got a taste of it when Greg hurt his shoulder, and then when he broke his leg this year. I wasn’t there for that, but I probably would have been incredibly nervous! When I was finally able to see him, I had never seen him in such pain before. I know he deals with aching joints and chronic pain like every other racer, but when he was in the hospital, on heavy medication, he cringed and cried in pain with every movement. I’d never seen that part of racing before.

RETIREMENT: Greg is retiring from professional racing at the end of this year. One thing I’ve noticed is that in the last couple of races, he would come home and say “this fan said this to me”, and I can see the emotional part of him because he is leaving something he loves so much. Roger DeCoster has said to him, “Don’t think your not going to miss it because it won’t really hit you until it really happens”. But Greg is also very much looking forward to what he’ll be doing in the future.

With the last race of the AMA motocross season over we are looking forward to so many wonderful new adventures. I know that Greg has not yet decided what he will be doing this next year. On a personal note, our first project after Greg’s retirement is building a new home in Southern California. We are so excited to enjoy our lives together, build a family and have time to focus on new things. It’s possible Greg might start up a racing school in the future too.

What it's like to be married to a professional racer? - Photo 4 of 4P. S. Greg, I am very proud of you and all that you have achieved your entire racing career. I appreciate the giving and forgiving attitude you have. I am very lucky to have that in a husband. I love you very much, and I look forward to our future together.

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