Correct answer = D! (Bike Bandit is what you get when you cross a computer guru with a banker)

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And when ‘that’ happens, you get over four million parts and accessories, schematics, bar codes, quality assurance, unbelievable technology and service, all in a nice little box. All you have to do is ‘open it up’! works in conjunction with (they sponsor our Race Results section) and they just moved their headquarters very close to one of our offices. So we went down to check out the new place, and find out what the deal is with these ‘bandits’.

The company started in 2000, with a ‘virtual’ location using their home offices of Ken Wahlster (computer guru/founder) and Ben Pfeifer (his last name is pronounced ‘Pfeifer’, just like it’s spelled, and he’s the banker/marketing guru). Initially, Ken’s idea was a web-site for enthusiasts who felt they had the courage and/or expertise to fix their own bike. And as an alternative to spending too much time at the local parts counter, which can be a trying experience …. from either side. It’s a convenient, make sense alternative.

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Each order is checked & double checked

The alternative is you go online, provide your make and model info, select the parts you need, order them, and they show up on your doorstep a couple days later! You can do it 24/7!

And yes, they do have everything. Weekend warrior or hardcore enthusiast, Bike Bandit has more to offer than any other place, online or traditional ‘bricks-and-mortar’. The reason is they have schematic diagrams of just about every Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki part ever made, as well as Ducati and Harley-Davidson. Plus, they have a massive offering of after-market parts, accessories, and apparel – over 120 manufacturers! has invested heavily in being able to offer the broadest number of parts and accessories. Just the schematic diagrams of 40,000 machines online is a significant undertaking. It takes over twenty employees to do what they do, and do it right.

The mass convergence of online shopping is evident by the large number of people that are purchasing their parts and accessories thru Ben says “We pride ourselves on having every single order that goes out the door 100% accurate. And we do that by using automation and bar codes to process every order, and then it’s checked twice by our staff to make sure it’s correct. Our customers love our customer service!”

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This is Bandit, CED (Chief Executive Dog)

If your purchasing online, and looking for the convenient ‘make-sense’ alternative, Give a try! Those of us here at guarantee you will have a great shopping experience that you will tell your friends about. Guaranteed!


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