At this point in my life, “WFO” explains my life. I’ve never been busier!

Right off the top of my head as I’m typing …. I’m thinking of some things I’ll be doing in the next week, or I’ve done in the past few days …

I’m planning my trip to Fort Bragg to work with some Army friends. I’ll be there working on what’s called Mobility Training for a week – it includes cars, quads, and bikes.

Earlier in the week I got back from Texas Motor Speedway. I got to hang out with my buddy and NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson and his crew. )Jimmie got second in the NASCAR Sprint Cup race there.)

On Monday, I got to lay out the new track at Texas Motor Speedways’ Dirt half mile oval for our new season kick off of the Traxxas TORC Series. (TORC stands for The Off Road Championship, which is the premier short course off road championship for trucks, buggies, trophy cars and UTVs.) Website

Tuesday got back into my training program with my wife Steph – we do cross fit, which includes mixed martial arts, boxing and weightlifting.

When I got home last weekend it was exciting to watch the Jacksonville Supercross – the track was challenging, and to date it was the best race of the year. The top two guys in Supercross – James Stewart and Chad Reed – went head to head on the track. Awesome. I heard they got into it a bit off the track as well. I wasn’t there, so I can’t so for sure what happened.

But I do know as a supercross and motocross competitor you don’t want to always have the feeling that your closest competitor hates you, or wants to take you out. But as a spectator, there needs to be more of it! Bring back Bob Hurricane Hannah – he hated everyone!

I feel James Stewart has the right balance and attitude. He’s in a good spot. Same for Chad Reed – Chad seems to get faster as the season goes on. My advice to James would be the same advice to Chad – go out there and kick his ***.

And to everyone else in the race – come on now – show everyone what you are made of! Those guys are only human – show us something! I interviewed Chad when he first came over from racing the World Motocross Championships to start racing in the USA. Chad made a comment when I asked him about his run-in at the Paris Supercross with Jeremy McGrath back then, and what would his future rivalry with Ricky Carmichael be like. “My dad said – everyone bleeds”.

What do I have coming up?

A lot. Back to my TORC series. Mitch Covington and myself have been working tirelessly for the past three months to put on the most exciting racing product the world has ever seen. It’s like a combination of supercross, motocross, and jumpable sprint cars – and oh yes – we definitely encourage banging and bumping and racing action – on the track, off the track – the more the better!

I’m President and COO of TORC, and it’s a 16 race series spread over 8 weekends. We are going to be televised on ESPN2 and ABC. I feel with all my heart it will be the most exciting racing property in the world.


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