Marvin Musquin is the reigning World Motocross Champion of MX 2, racing for KTM. In 2011, he embarked on a new adventure – coming to the USA to race AMA Supercross and Motocross. Marvin has been chosen once again to represent the country of France in the most prestigious Motocross race in the world – the Motocross of Nations, this year in St. Jean d’Angely, France.

Here below, courtesy of ‘Team Marvin’, are Marvin’s thoughts on the upcoming MX of Nations:

The French Team for the upcoming Motocross of Nations will be Marvin (Musquin), MX GP regulars Steven Frossard and Gautier Paulin. The Team Manager is Olivier Robert.

Are you happy to be part of the French Team?

Marvin: Of course yes! I’m really happy to be the MX2 rider who will defend the French colours for the MX of Nations. It’s a race that is really important for me. I won the MX2 class in Italy two years ago, last year I was unlucky because of issues with my bike. I want to take revenge for our team. Furthemore, this year the Motocross of Nations takes place in France, in St Jean d’Angély, a track I know well as I won the GP there last year. I know the French fans will be there to support Steven, Gautier and me.

What about your teammates?

Marvin: We have the same team as in 2009, when we almost won in Italy. We have good relationships. We will ride together the week before, and it should be fun. This year, Steven have showed he is one of the best MX1 riders, he really has progressed up a step, his style is different, but more efficient. I’m sure he will fight up front. He is not scared to ride against Dungey, Villopoto or Reed.

Gautier is also a really good MX1 rider, he proved it in 2009 in Italy when he won a moto. Unfortunately he had a big crash in his second moto. His body is perfect for the 450cc, he will also fight up front. I really can’t wait to make a “team” with them, and I’m very confident with our team.

Can you talk abour your selection for Team France by Team Manager Olivier Robert …

Marvin: I think it wasn’t easy for Olivier about choosing me for the team, because of my injuries this year. But he believes in me. He knows me, and what I can do. He knows I’m not two times world MX2 motocross champion for nothing!

It’s true that I’m back for only two races so far, and I still need to recover a better rhythm in races. In training, I have back all my speed, my lap time are similar as Baggett or Wilson. There are three more outdoor races in AMA MX, six motos. By then, I will be 200% ready for St Jean!

This year the Nations should be more special for you, because it in in your ‘home’ country of France. Is that a motivator too?

Marvin: It’s more than motivating! Much more! I love to ride in France, I have always had such success in racing there. I won the last two French MX2 GPs in 2009 and 2010. More importantly for me, and the team, there will be a lot of French fans! That is very important for us, and it’s going to make the event even more special!

I still remember the feeling from Ernée and St Jean when I won, it’s just unexplainable. It’s an incredible feeling – to win in your home country. When there are so many fans screaming for you, you know why you are fighting so hard, and why you never can give up! Having the fans there, and riding on our home circuit will be a big trump for us, and we will take advantage of it! The MX of Nations is a unique race, and I am very much looking forward to it!

Which team worries you the most?

Marvin: No one! (laughs) Of course, as every year the USA will not come to finish fifth! We know that here in the USA, Villopoto and Dungey are the fastest guys. But St. Jean is not the kind of track they are used to riding. We (Team France) are used to it. We saw this year that Baggett can be really fast too, but can also make many mistakes.

USA are three good riders, like us. Then, there are teams like Australia, Germany and Great Britain who have good riders too. Don’t forget, many teams will be there.

What is your goal?

Marvin: Like every year, the goal is to win. But this year in France it’s stronger, more exciting! We cannot miss this opportunity. I will fight really hard for myself, for the entire team and my teammates, the fans, and for France to succeed!!

You can watch the Motocross of Nations live, from France, Saturday and Sunday, September 17 and 18 Facebook & Twitter

To see the results and photos of the 2010 Motocross of Nations … it’s here!

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