I’m excited about motocross. It’s where almost all of us start in this sport as kids. I’m also excited about the future of MX, and something new you will be seeing on Supercross.com.

Some people think we only cover Supercross racing. We report on Motocross too. We have since 1996. We cover the two biggest Motocross racing series in the world, the FIM World Motocross Championships, and the AMA (American) National MX Championships.

Professional Motocross is changing with the times and technologies of today.

Did you ever used to watch TV on an old black and white set, that had maybe three or four channels? Did you ever listen to music on LPs or eight tracks or cassettes or CDs?

Flat-screens, cable, satellite and DVRs changed Television dramatically. And literally overnight Apple and the iPod have changed how we all listen to music.

We are pleased to tell you that together with Youthstream and the FIM World Motorcross Championship Series, Supercross.com will be offering fans worldwide the ability for you to watch the FIM World Motocross Championships – live .. or anytime you want. It’s a PPV (Pay Per View) and VOD (Video On Demand) system. (And it also includes the Motocross of Nations.)

The 2011 FIM World Motocross Grand Prix Championship Series Schedule

It’s much more than just the races though. You’ll see many features, functionalities, and lifestyle segments that I know you’ll enjoy if you are a fan of the sport. It will also educate you further about the MX World Championships, the athletes, people behind the scenes, and more.

I know that many people, especially in America, are not used to paying for content on the Internet. This is something I have all thought about long and hard. There are pros and cons to each, but in the end, I decided to go forward with this project, because it is where the ‘world’ of entertainment, media, and information are going.

And our sport is going to go along with it!

The FIM World Motocross Championships have a rich tradition, and is where the sport was ‘born’. “World Championship” status was granted in the 1950’s. You might know of some of the ‘names’ that are synonymous with the World Motocross Championships over the years – Jeff Smith, Bengt Aberg, Heikki Mikkola, Torsten Hallman, Joel Robert, Roger De Coster, Brad Lackey, Danny LaPorte, Jean-Michel Bayle, Stefan Everts, Tony Cairoii.

Supercross.com, together with the predecessor of Youthstream – Action Group, and the help of Microsoft and Akamai, actually did the first live complete race audio and video webcast in US motorcycling history in the late 90’s with the World Supercross Championships.

Will there be small issues along the way with implementing a new system and technology? Possibly. But the option for all of us is to sit still, and not embrace the future of our sport, and how we access media. Supercross.com is embracing this new future, and we hope you do too.

The new video section is something I’m excited about, I truly hope you will enjoy, share with others, and let your friends know about.


p.s. More will be coming on Supercross.com about this soon. You can publish your thoughts below, or you can also publish them in the Supercross.com Message Boards.

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