A lil gossip from a motocross insider that Southern California rider Tatum Sik, WMA Professional Racer and XGames Bronze Metalist is all packed up and on her way to the WMA Cup in Texas. I guess that annoucement was not too hard to guess, especially for anyone who knows Tatum, she is by far one of the most talented WMA racers coming up the Professional Ranks.

Here is the mind boggling part. Tatum who was running Kawasaki Team Green at the XGames is pretty much bikeless, she has not been able to lock down a bike sponsor for 2009 and she is on her way to win the WMA Cup on a 2006 Yamaha 250F. Im not saying the bike is vintage, but it will be a set back for her success at the WMA Cup, we all know that our equipment is key to success on the track.

If you would like to sponsor or know more about Tatum Sik and her 2009 race schedule including a repeat invite to the 2009 XGames and the WMX Outdoor Nationals please feel free to contact me [email protected]

As for the 2006 YZ250F and Tatum, Im still looking forward to the results Tatum will bring in on a refreshed clapped out bike!

We all know Tatum Sik .. Right ?? - Photo 1 of 1


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