Ryan Villopoto is a fan favorite at Washougal and even though he was not going to be racing, he was in attendance for all the racing action in the Northwest. I caught up with Ryan and asked him about his healing knee and what’s been keeping him busy since Hangtown. Enjoy!

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Angela: Ryan, It’s great to see you out here at Washougal, how is that knee healing up?

Ryan: The knee is good. I had knee surgery and they took the hamstring and acl and fixed things up. I am eight weeks in now and it feels great, like I haven’t had anything wrong with it so we are defiantly on track and ahead of schedule. I just had my wisdom teeth taking out Friday so that’s that only thing given me problem right now.

A: Oh man, how many wisdom teeth did you get pulled out?

R: I had a total of three wisdom teeth pulled, they put me under and took the two top, and the tooth on the bottom broke in a few pieces, so yeah not that much fun.

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A: What have you been doing this summer since you stepped out of the Nationals?

R: Going to a few races, I will also be at Steel City. I’ve been remodeling one of my houses in California so I am at home a lot. I am so used to being gone all the time at the races so right now it’s nice to be at home and not having to leave every weekend and be pulled in hundred different directions.

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A: Yeah, Last year you weren’t really sitting around, you were out there racing the 250’s earning that title.

R: Yeah, last year was great, and Supercross went alright, I was just really looking forward to the outdoors. I came out to Glen Helen and went 1-1 and things were looking up for me and I then this happened, so it was a bummer.

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A: What exactly took you out of the MX series Ryan?

R: I haven’t had an ACL for about six years now, back when I rode 80’s at Lake Whitney, it was an injury that I knew I had that was eventually going to catch up with me and bite. It just happened to bite me at the wrong time and the biggest series that I will ever race so it was a huge bummer. I popped it out the Thursday before Hangtown and I did try to ride but that didn’t work out well so I decided it was time to get it fixed. It was only the second round of racing so it seemed the thing to do. If it was near the end of the series I might have waited so, that’s how things played out.

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A: When will you be back on the dirt bike?

R: I am using a road bike right now and working out in the gym but the doctors say I can be back on the bike in about 54 days at the earliest.

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A: Would that give you time to race the US OPEN?

R: No, I will go to the event, but racing that’s too soon.


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