Ryan Villopoto Battling with Ryan Dungey at Century Link Stadium in Seattle.


Monster Energy AMA Supecross took the stage Saturday night at CenturyLink Stadium in Seattle, Washingston, showcasing the most talented supercross athletes in the world. Monster Energy/Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto dominated, once again, to grab the win in the premier class in front of his hometown crowd of 54,000 fans. Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda’s Cole Seely also led the entire moto to take home the win in Seattle and close up the points gap on Jason Anderson.

Ryan Villopoto captured the Nuclear Cowboyz Holeshot award leading the pack into turn one, followed by Red Bull/KTM’s Ryan Dungey, BTO Sports/KTM’s Andrew Short and Yoshimura/Suzuki’s James Stewart.

Stewart made quick work of Andrew Short, making the pass in lap two and setting his sights on former champ, Ryan Dungey. With all the top three riders sitting in podium positions on lap two, it seemed as though the reigning champion and points leader, Ryan Villopoto, would have his work cut out for him. While Dungey and Stewart went to work on shutting down Villopoto’s chances of clinching the championship early, GEICO/Honda’s Justin Barcia and Red Bull/KTM’s Ken Roczen battled over eighth position. Barcia managed to gain some ground on Roczen and quickly made the pass on Alessi to move into sixth.

Stewart managed to make the pass on Dungey for second place on lap four, as Tomac made the pass on Short to move into fourth. Following Barcia, Roczen looked to make a pass on Motoconcept’s Mike Alessi but had trouble finding an alternative line to make the pass. Despite his efforts to get by Alessi, Roczen managed to lose some time to the number forty-one of Trey Canard.

Stewart had to hang it all out, making a few mistakes along the way, to close up the gap on Villopoto to four seconds by the halfway point. The number seven managed to run the fastest lap on lap twelve but couldn’t seem to make up any time on Villopoto despite his ability to ride through excessive mistakes and the tough track conditions.

As the conditions of the track continued to deteriorate Roczen searched hard to find a line to make the pass on Alessi with only five laps to go. Muscle Milk/Honda’s Trey Canard followed Roczen, making the pass on Alessi, followed by a move on Roczen to take over sixth position. Canard set his sights on Andrew Short, sitting in fifth and quickly initiated the pass to take over the position.

Unfortunately for Stewart, time ran out and the track conditions were less than favourable to make a move on Villopoto in order to capture another win Seattle.

The Washington state native, Ryan Villopoto led the entire moto for his hometown fans to capture the win at CenturyLink Stadium. He was unable to clinch the championship in Seattle but now sits forty-eight points ahead of Stewart, sitting in second.

Repping his custom jersey in support for the Seattle Seahawks, James Stewart put everything into the race to come out with a second, extinguishing Ryan Villopoto’s hopes of clinching the early championship.

Red Bull/KTM’s Ryan Dungey struggled with the track conditions in Seattle but managed to hang onto the final podium position until the end, taking home a third place finish.

Seattle Supercross 250 winner Cole Seely

In the 250SX class, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson got out front early to capture the Nuclear Cowboyz Holeshot award. Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda’s Cole Seely was not far behind followed by Wilson’s rookie teammate Justin Hill.

Seely managed to make quick work of Wilson after he made a mistake in the rhythm section, putting him back to second, with Hill on his heels. After banging bars with Seely, Wilson also swapped some paint with Hill as the two came together from different lines in the rhythm section.

By lap three Jason Anderson had made his way into fourth position after a mediocre jump out of the gate. After watching Wilson go down, Hill made his way into second with Anderson putting him into wheel to wheel action around the halfway point. Wilson dropped back to fifth.

Anderson managed to get a wheel on Hill, making the pass and moving into second position with sights set on Seely. Unfortunately, Anderson went down with only five laps to go, letting Hill back by into second.

After catching back up to Hill, Anderson made the pass again but Hill was ready to battle back this time. After a few attempts to make the pass back, Anderson managed to pull away from Hill and close the gap up on Seely. Unfortunately, time ran out for Anderson and Troy Lee Designs/ Lucas Oil/Honda’s Cole Seely took the win in Seattle, tightening up the championship points chase before Vegas.

Anderson sealed the deal on second and Justin Hill took home third place at CenturyLink Stadium in Seattle, Washington.

The series will be taking a break this weekend, allowing riders to take some time to recuperate and spend Easter with their families before they head to round sixteen at MetLife Stadium in Easter Rutherford, New Jersey.

Ryan Villopoto will be heading into the last round before Las Vegas with a forty-eight point gap over James Stewart who sits in second. This will also be the last round for the East 250SX class before they head to Las Vegas for the East/West Shootout.


  1. Cole Seely
  2. Jason Anderson
  3. Justin Hill
  4. Dean Wilson
  5. Jessy Nelson
  6. Zach Osborne
  7. Cooper Webb
  8. Jake Canada
  9. Malcolm Stewart
  10. Shane McElrath


  1. Ryan Villopoto
  2. James Stewart
  3. Ryan Dungey
  4. Eli Tomac
  5. Justin Barcia
  6. Trey Canard
  7. Ken Roczen
  8. Andew Short
  9. Josh Hill
  10. Mike Alessi


  1. Jason Anderson (178)
  2. Cole Seely (170)
  3. Justin Hill (139)
  4. Dean Wilson (138)
  5. Cooper Webb (121)
  6. Malcolm Stewart (121)
  7. Jessy Nelson (103)
  8. Zach Osborne (100)
  9. Shane McElrath (96)
  10. Jake Canada (72)


  1. Martin Davalos (149)
  2. Justin Bogle (141)
  3. Adam Cianciarulo (120)
  4. Blake Baggett (120)
  5. Vince Friese (100)
  6. Kyle Cunnigham (94)
  7. Cole Thopson (89)
  8. Jimmy Decotis (78)
  9. Matt Lemoine (74)
  10. Alex Martin (72)


  1. Ryan Villopoto (318)
  2. James Stewart (270)
  3. Ryan Dungey (267)
  4. Ken Roczen (249)
  5. Justin Barcia (214)
  6. Justin Brayton (196)
  7. Andrew Short (194)
  8. Broc Tickle (126)
  9. Josh Hill (124)
  10. Wil Hahn (122)

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