AMA National Motocross Series, Round 2 at “Freestone”. In the premier Motocross class, Chad Reed was the overall winner, scoring both moto wins on the number 22 Honda. In the 250 MX Lites class, Tyla Rattray, number 28, was the overall winner on his PC Kawasaki.

There are two classes in AMA professional motocross: the 250cc Lites class, and the “Motocross” class, which can run engine sizes from 251cc to 500cc. Most riders race 450cc machines in Motocross, with KTM also having a 350cc machine.

Video courtesy of MXSports

Video Highlights: Round 2 AMA Motocross 2011 Texas - Photo 1 of 1

Chad Reed – winner of the Motocross Class, and points leader

The 250 MX Lites class is ultra-competitive – so many riders can win a moto! Should be an exciting season!

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