After a serious crash put Jeremy Van Horebeek out of the Latvian GP a week ago, the tough CLS Kawasaki racer has bounced back at the 10th round of the FIM MX World championships held in an overcast Uddevalla, Sweden.

When scans and X-rays confirmed earlier this week that Van Horebeek was safe to ride the Swedish MX GP, the ‘Jerre’ put aside his whiplash and pain and went out to win the qualifying heat on Saturday in front of a strong Scandinavian crowd. With pole position giving the Belgian a great starting position Van Horebeek grabbed a good start in moto 1 and emerged in third spot on the opening lap. With fellow Kawasaki team-mate Steven Frossard making his way to the front of the pack, Van Horebeek picked up his pace and closed in on Herlings. Disaster struck for Roczen when he was sidelined with a technical problem which moved Herlings and Van Horebeek into second and third place respectively. At the end of the 35 min + 2 Lap race, ‘The Jerre’ was happy to cross the finish line in a podium position.

A lesser start in Moto 2 left Van Horebeek boxed in going into the first turn. He charged through the pack trying not to take any risks on a slippery circuit. He progressed up the ladder into 6th place behind championship leader Marvin Musquin.

“A week ago I was unsure whether I would even be able to ride this GP but I was able to turn this around and get a podium in the first race. It was really tough for me but you have to make the best of the bad days and I achieved this. We have three weeks to rest before my home GP in Lommel and of course I want to do well there. The Belgian GP will be a big event and I am sure the Belgian fans want to see me on the podium so I will do my best to make it happen” said Van Horebeek.

Race results:

MX2 Race 1

1 Frossard, Steven FRA Kawasaki

2 Herlings, Jeffrey NED KTM

3 van Horebeek, Jeremy BEL Kawasaki

4 Musquin, Marvin FRA KTM

5 Paulin, Gautier FRA Yamaha

6 Kullas, Harri FIN Yamaha

7 Osborne, Zach USA Yamaha

8 Roelants, Joel BEL KTM

9 Simpson, Shaun GBR KTM

10 Charlier, Christophe FRA Yamaha

11 Lupino, Alessandro ITA Yamaha

12 Teillet, Valentin FRA KTM

13 Leib, Michael USA Kawasaki

14 Tonus, Arnaud SUI Suzuki

15 Delince, Jeremy BEL KTM

MX2 Race 2

1 Roczen, Ken GER Suzuki

2 Frossard, Steven FRA Kawasaki

3 Paulin, Gautier FRA Yamaha

4 Herlings, Jeffrey NED KTM

5 Musquin, Marvin FRA KTM

6 van Horebeek, Jeremy BEL Kawasaki

7 Leib, Michael USA Kawasaki

8 Roelants, Joel BEL KTM

9 Osborne, Zach USA Yamaha

10 Karro, Matiss LAT Suzuki

11 Simpson, Shaun GBR KTM

12 Nicholls, Jake GBR KTM

13 Lupino, Alessandro ITA Yamaha

14 Charlier, Christophe FRA Yamaha

15 Kullas, Harri FIN Yamaha

MX2 GP Overall:

1 Frossard, Steven FRA Kawasaki 47

2 Herlings, Jeffrey NED KTM 40

3 Paulin, Gautier FRA Yamaha 36

4 van Horebeek, Jeremy BEL Kawasaki 35

5 Musquin, Marvin FRA KTM 34

6 Roelants, Joel BEL KTM 26

7 Osborne, Zach USA Yamaha 26

8 Roczen, Ken GER Suzuki 25

9 Leib, Michael USA Kawasaki 22

10 Simpson, Shaun GBR KTM 22

11 Kullas, Harri FIN Yamaha 21

12 Lupino, Alessandro ITA Yamaha 18

13 Charlier, Christophe FRA Yamaha 18

14 Nicholls, Jake GBR KTM 12

15 Karro, Matiss LAT Suzuki 11

MX2 World championship standings:

1 Musquin, M. FRA 438

2 Roczen, Ken GER 355

3 Frossard, S. FRA 355

4 Herlings, J. NED 326

5 Osborne, Zach USA 275

6 Simpson, Shaun GBR 268

7 van Horebeek, J. BEL 244

8 Tonus, Arnaud SUI 243

9 Roelants, Joel BEL 240

10 Kullas, Harri FIN 203

11 Nicholls, Jake GBR 189

12 Charlier, C. FRA 171

13 Paulin, G. FRA 168

14 Lupino, A. ITA 129

15 Verbruggen, D. BEL 127

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