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On February 11th, 2006, James Marshall was tragically injured in round
6 of the Amd Mobile Supercross series in San Diego. Running in 5th
place in Heat #2, James went over the bars through a tricky step
up–step down combination and was subsequently hit by two trailing
riders. The impact of the incident left Marshall with broken C2, C5,
and C6 vertebrate.

Marshall has been a rising star throughout the industry for the past
several months as he has consistently been one of the fastest
privateers in the supercross series. A true privateer, James and his
mechanic Dave have worked hard each week perparing for every race. We
here at found him only a few weeks before the opening
round of the supercross series and offered him a ride with our
Privateer Shuttle — a program to help out privateers compete in the
supercross. Being incredibly fast on a dirt bike, It didnt take long to
find out what an incredible human being James is. He has a tremendous
fan base across the country (especially in his home state of Texas) and
possesses charisma, integrity, and an enthusiasm that is infectious.
All of our stomachs and hearts dropped as we saw the crash. This
website is purposed to unite all of James’ supporters in providing
up-to-date information on his condition, links to donate to his
recovery fund, forums and message board links, as well as thoughts and
prayers and more. We support you James, we are praying for you, and we
are pulling for you!

To send a card, flowers, or balloons to James, you can do so at the following address:

James Marshall

Sharp Memorial Hospital

7915 Frost St.

San Diego, CA 92123


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