Hi friends,

Supercross season is starting this Saturday night in Anaheim! Since
1995, Supercross.com has strived to give back to the motocross
community. One of my goals was and is to offer unique content from my
perspective. Another goal is to make the Internet quicker and better
for everyone. In the past, we’ve offered free e-mail results newsletter
& free results to mobile phones.

With the acceptance of these technologies worldwide, we all deal with
issues like excess e-mail, spam, and more. We’ve been working with
large Internet service providers to find a solution to this, and, we’ve
upgraded the technology we use here at Supercross.com.

Starting in 2005, we are doing our part to make things better, and, to
attack these technology issues head-on. What does this mean to you? Our
free e-mail results newsletter, and free results to mobile phones is
changing. We are stopping our e-mail results newsletter temporarily.
(Yes, I know how disappointed you are! The newsletter will be back at
some point in the future though.) And, because of the new technology we
are using for mobile phone results, there is now a cost involved.

Thru technical partner Sports4Mobile, we will offer race results to
mobile phones for a fee ($14 for 12 months) in North America. You can check it out at this link http://www.sports4mobile.com/signup.aspx (We are working on the technology to send results to mobile phones worldwide.)

Just like the sport of supercross, technology and the Internet is
growing and changing. Thanks for taking time to read this message, and
your understanding of what’s happening here. I’ll continue to try to
give you unique things on my site that will make both me and you proud.

Ricky Johnson


Update from Rick Johnson about e-mail & phone results - Photo 1 of 1

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