From MXGirls Forum Member motogrl307 – Quick Notes on the WMA Cup taking place at Freestone County Raceway in Wortham, TX. The “pre-posted unoffical” results for the Womens Pro Class are in.. Looks like Jessica Patterson’s insurance kicked in right on time!

1st moto results:

1 Jessica Patterson

2 Tara Gieger

3 Tatum Sik

4 Elizabeth Bash

5 Penni Cyrus

6 Jackie Ives

7 Kimberly Kocher

8 Hailey Larson

9 Sherri Cruse

10 Jessica Smith

11 April Zastrow

12 Nichole Madsen

13 Kristine Wright

There were 14 that started not sure the other names yet.

Sherri Cruse was in 3rd and went down

2nd Moto

Tara Gieger pulled holeshot had good lead most of the race on Jessica but went down and finished 2nd. Both of them pretty much left the rest of the pack. Good moto between Bash and Sik, Sik lead most of the moto but Elizabeth Bash finally passed for 3rd and Tatum Sik 4th.

1 Jessica Patterson

2 Tara Gieger

3 Elizabeth Bash

4 Tatum Sik

5 Penni Cyrus

6 Jackie Ives

7 Sherri Cruse

8 Kimberly Kocher

9 April Zastrow

10 Hailey Larson

11 Nichole Madsen

12 Jessica Smith

13 Kristine Wright

Overall Final Moto Result – Congrats to Jessica Patterson!

1 Patterson

2 Gieger

3 Bash

4 Sik

5 Cyrus

6 Ives

7 Kocher

8 Cruse

9 Larson

10 Zastrow

11 Madsen

12 Smith

13 Wright





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