Below is the schedule for teh 2011 UEM Supercross Series:

  • Round #1 – Oct 1 – Torino, Italy
  • Round #2 – Oct 14 – Palais du Sport, Marseille, France
  • Round #3 – Oct 15 – Palais du Sport, Marseille, France
  • Round #4 – Oct 22 – Byzkaya Arena, Bilbao, Spain
  • Round #5 – Nov 12 – EICMA Fair, Milano, Italy
  • Round #6 – Nov 19 – Palafiera, Genova, Italy

Here, courtesy of Off Road Pro Racing, is more info:

On 1st of October, from PalaSport Olimpico in Turin, at 20.30, starts 2011 EUROSUPERCROSS. The event is organized by the company Magic For Fun Events, led by Giorgio Foi.

The modern and wonderful Olympic venue in Turin (12.500 seats) is hosting the first Round of a Championship which will touch, after Turin, the cities of Marseille (14, 15 October), Bilbao (22 October), Milano EICMA (12 November), Genova (19 November).

This is a Championship full of Supercross expert riders, which are skill and fast enough to keep behind the colleagues who excel in the traditional in World Motocross.

The Championship as a common well-established denominator: a huge audience, estimated, for all the six Rounds, in about 150.000 attendance. We must say that the Round of Milan, included in the schedule event of MotoLive, is the main in terms of number of visitors.

As concern the Round in Turin, it will be an explosive situation for the quantity and quality of the riders, and they are so balanced that is not possible to make any prediction on the race result.

Speaking about the riders we will find Cedric MANNEVY (Suzuki MD Racing), Christophe MARTIN (Honda A Team), Alex ROUIS (Honda MB Team), Cedric SOUBEYRAS (Honda MB Team), and we will find some of our national bearer such as Stefano DAMI (Honda MB Team), Matteo BONINI (Suzuki MTW Racing Team), Angelo PELLEGRINI (Suzuki MTW Racing Team) and Marco MADDII (KTM Maddii Racing).

For the other classes, SX2 and SXR, included in the program to develop the growth of the young European riders, is to report the French school and our national riders because we know them well.

For the 125cc. they are Luca MORONI (KTM Steels Dr. Jack), Samuele BERNARDINI (KTM Maglia Azzurra UFO Corse), Tommaso DE PIETRI (Suzuki Castellari), Tommaso VENDRAMINI (Cevolani KTM MX Racing Team, unfortunately will be probably absent for injury Simone ZECCHINA (Suzuki Castellari).

For the 85cc. we have Brian HSU (DJ Racing Suzuki), Nicola Soave (KTM Bisso Galeto), R. Tommaso ISDRAELE (KTM Megan Racing), Filippo Zonta (Maglia Azzurra UFO Corse), Nicholas Lapucci (KTM AM Aretina). But also here is impossible to predict because it’s very difficult to identify the forces in the field expressed by the French School, which we know to be brilliant samples of young champion as for them Supercross is a priority. Facebook Twitter


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