Injuries, flooding, destruction… and that was just the Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda team. As Hurricane Irene tore its way up the eastern seaboard the damage was widespread and the Southwick 338 Motocross was one that the TLD team would like to forget.

Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda Struggles at Southwick - Photo 1 of 4

On the third lap of the opening practice Christian Craig crashed on the finish line jump and the subsequent contact with the sand would mark the end of Christian’s summer. He suffered a fractured scaphoid bone (navicular) in the crash and he will likely undergo surgery this week to repair it. Despite the low moments it has been a good summer for Craig and the TLD team is proud to have him in their camp. From everyone at Troy Lee Designs: Heal up quickly, Christian!

The second 250 practice was equally disappointing. Travis Baker hit the sand and fractured his clavicle. It has been a rough season for Baker and this was not the way he was hoping to finish off the season. The upbeat Baker will be back at it before long, preparing for the 2012 season.

Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda Struggles at Southwick - Photo 2 of 4

Cole Seely went 15-31 for 20th overall. That is not the day the two-time supercross winner was shooting for. Cole made it approximately 300 feet in the first moto before making contact with the ground. He would remount and work his way back up into the points in what was a solid ride. Moto two saw Seely get all the way to turn number two before crashing. He would get the privilege of eating sand and mud again for 35 minutes, this time returning to 31st position after a stop in the mechanics area. I think Cole is just happy to get out of Massachusetts alive.

Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda Struggles at Southwick - Photo 3 of 4

Tarah Geiger was the team’s only bright spot as she put in great rides in both motos [2-5] to score second overall on the day. Gieger is a natural in the sand and it showed at Southwick. She maintains a solid third in the points chase and adds a trophy to her collection from 2011.

Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda Struggles at Southwick - Photo 4 of 4

If the crew can manage to find flights home this week they might just get things ready and be able to attend this weekend’s national in Pennsylvania. The last anyone heard from them they were in a bowling alley somewhere outside of Hartford grumbling about United Airlines. One thing is for sure: There is only one-way to go from here and that is up. Expect a hard charging team of Seely and Gieger to represent well for the last two rounds of the series.


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