The Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda crew felt the wrath of the 2012 Supercross series in Salt Lake City this past weekend. In a year that will be remembered for the staggering number of rider injuries, the TLD guys had managed to avoid the carnage (Christian Craig‘s wrist injury notwithstanding). However, their luck went south early in Utah as Cole Seely missed a rhythm section and went down hard. He was assessed by the Asterisk medics and sent to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with lower abdominal injuries. So far surgery has not been necessary, but doctors are keeping him there for observation for a few days.

Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda Has A Tough Night In SLC - Photo 1 of 2

Travis Baker had his turn in the next session where he hit the ground hard. The crash left him with a concussion and some contusions. Obviously, Travis did not compete in the evening’s program.

The team is currently back at their Corona, CA race shop regrouping and trying to create a game plan moving forward. Troy Lee Designs will share any new information as soon as we have it. We would like to wish all of the team riders who are injured a quick, speedy and full recovery.

Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda Has A Tough Night In SLC - Photo 2 of 2

Cole and Travis are wearing Grand Prix Shocker gear, part of our 2012 line available at your local retailer.


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