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Is it really the last Motocross Grand Prix of the season? That is what I thought to myself as I boarded the jet in California to begin my journey to Faenza, Italy for the Finale of the 2008 FIM World Motocross Series.

Let’s actually back up one day. I was supposed to leave California on Monday. I went to the airport and was ready to go. But, one problem – flights coming in and out of New York were being cancelled or delayed because of severe wind and rain – remnants from one of those hurricanes. So, I went back home, and hoped that the next day, the weather on the East Coast of the USA would be good enough for me to make it to Europe.

On Tuesday, I was able to board the flight, head to New York and then get on another plane to Geneva, Switzerland. After that, the plan was a five hour drive to Faenza. Key word being ‘plan’. There was one drawback to ‘the plan’.

The plan had a little change after about an hour – I made it to beautiful Mount Blanc in France – one of the tallest peaks in Europe -  very beautiful, snow covered mountain tops with endless pine trees as well.

There is a famous tunnel, miraculously called the Mount Blanc Tunnel – it starts in France, cost 32 Euro to drive thru, and out the other side you end up in Italy.

It really is a fun tunnel to drive thru – except when I got to the entrance ….. well, to make a short story longer … there was a big rig truck tipped over in the tunnel, and I had to wait almost three hours before driving thru. Oh yeah …. this is also the tunnel that I got a speeding ticket in last year … I was blasting the music in my rental car, with my sister riding shotgun, and was ‘pleasantly greeted’ by the Italian police when I came thru the tunnel. They gifted me with photos of myself driving (and speeding) thru the tunnel – and it was quite an expensive ticket too.

But back to getting here to Faenza and final GP …


The five hour drive became an eight hour drive because of the tunnel.   But one more problem – coming into and out of the city of Bologna was afternoon traffic. That added an extra 3 hours of driving – now the drive was 11 hours – not exactly the original plan of five hours … but that’s what happens when traveling.

So, I’m at the track, it’s Thursday, and it’s beautiful. It’s surrounding by wine vineyards and trees. There are already so many people here setting up camp and getting ready for the big exciting weekend ahead and all the drama – there is a tangible buzz in the air already – two world motocross championships will be decided this weekend!

You can also see my video blogs from this eventhttp://www.supercross.com/amanda-cam

and, you’ll be able to start seeing the action and more from the race in the Race Results section come Saturday evening – http://www.supercross.com/race-results/fim-world-motocross

Trip to Italy - MXGP Finale! - Photo 2 of 2


Amanda Cam – Final Motocross Grand Prix of 2008 – I’m here!

(Sample of the Amanda Cam video in action!)

Hi, I’m Amanda, and I’m in Italy for the Italian Grand Prix of Motocross! It’s Thursday, and this weekend is The Finale to the 2008 FIM World Motocross Championships, where two World Champions will be crowned!


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