Travis Pastrana’s head will have to be replaced.

Repeated bouts with the flu, wearing of sponsor hats, smiling, and signing autographs have taken their toll. While few riders compete with as much heart as Travis, most all of them have better heads.

Team Suzuki has been trying to negotiate a deal with a few young riders over the past few weeks for the use of his head on Pastrana’s body, including privateer Nick Wey.

Said Wey, “I’ll do whatever has to be done for the betterment of the sport. However, I am concerned for the safety of my head.”

Unfortunately, Suzuki and Wey were unable to reach terms. Ultimately, the choice was made to use Pastrana family friend and all around good guy Malcolm McCassy‘s head for the transplant. Malcolm works at No Fear, and is rumored to have a good head.

When asked what will become of the Travis head and McCassy body, Suzuki had this to say: “The Travis head and McCassy body will be working at Lake Havasu through the summer renting Yamaha water crafts. Suzuki plans to honor all of Travis’ existing sponsors despite the radical change.

We will be working with Hollywood based Digital Domain to have the original Travis head digitally placed over the McCassy head for all podium, marketing, and photo appearances.”

Travis Pastrana to undergo risky head-transplant surgery? - Photo 1 of 1

Pastrana’s family is obviously very concerned. His father had this to say: “Hey, watch me do a back flip out of this tree!”

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