The Honda World Motocross team is pleased to announce that Evgeny Bobryshev and Rui Gonçalves will be attending a Honda Xtreme Academy training event, which is free for all under 23 year old Honda riders, at Honda Park, Belgium on the 14th of June 2012 ahead of the Bastogne Grand Prix.

Train with the pros at Honda Xtreme Academy school in Belgium - Photo 1 of 2

MX1 World Championship pro riders Bobryshev and Gonçalves will also be joined by LS Honda Racing’s Jonathan Barragan at this special training event, which forms part of the Honda Xtreme Academy initiative to help develop young riders. The training will be led by the official Honda Xtreme Academy trainer and former GP winner, Brian Jorgensen, who has been working with young riders across Europe since retiring from racing.

Riders wishing to attend need to register with by emailing: [email protected] The event includes a full day training with Honda’s trainers and pro riders and is available for under 23’s who are riding Honda machinery.

Train with the pros at Honda Xtreme Academy school in Belgium - Photo 2 of 2

During the day Dunlop will also be on-site with a number of Honda machines to showcase their MX11 sand tyre range. There are a number of bikes available for journalists to test the new tyres around the sandy track located close to Balen, Belgium ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix in Bastogne. Technicians from the Honda World Motocross and LS Honda Racing teams will be on-hand along with the riders who will be available for interviews and questions.

The new innovative MX11 tyres form part of the development done by Dunlop with the Honda MX1 teams and this exceptional new package has been specifically created for class leading grip in sandy conditions.

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