’s Internet Sports Marketing Group announced today a new way to shamelessly extract more money from corporate sponsors: Supercross has named “Torn ACL: The Official Knee Injury of Supercross, Presented by Beer & Tobacco”.

“It’s about time we maximized Supercross for every penny possible, all in the name of corporate greed,” said ‘Jammin’ Jimmy Jackson, VP of Marketing. “The great thing about this new revenue stream is the ability to keep my golf dates open, pad my expense account, and not do any more work than I do now. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?”

“Effective immediately, whenever a rider falls and hurts his knee, he will be paraded around the outside of the track on the stretcher before being led into the ambulance. This will allow for commercial time to be sold on the stretcher, complete with all the corporate identity logos our great fans have come to expect.”

About’s Internet Sports Marketing Group: We hope to make “Measles: The Official Acute Viral Infectious Disease of Supercross” early next year.



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