So, I have been rattling my brain, thinking of what to write next for my blog (yes, it’s been a while hasn’t it?). I usually write about my traveling experiences, races, etc. But what do you write about when it is the off-season???

Then it hit me – I’ll write about how much the off-season sucks. =)

Before the season was officially over for me I was able to attend the US Open of Supercross in Las Vegas, and it was a blast. Two nights of racing in one of my favorite places on earth – Vegas. As you probably know, James Stewart won both nights and the overall on his first ride for L & M San Manual Yamaha.

Top ten reasons the off-season sucks - Photo 1 of 5

And Grant Langston made an appearance and spoke about his eye injury, and he announced he has melonoma of the eye – it’s a form of cancer. We all feel really badly about Grant, and his charm and grace and maturity have really shown as he talks openly and positively about what he’s going thru.

Chad Reed raced his first ever race on his new Suzuki in America, and in honor of Grant rode both nights with a red # 8 plate in place of his 22, and a ‘For GL’ on his side number plates – in honor of Grant. What a great gesture on Chad’s part – it was a neat thing to see.

OK, now, like I stated before, it is the off-season, and I’m having a hard time with it …

So here are my Top Ten reasons why the off-season sucks … 

  1. I have no race results to update
  2. I don’t get to see my friends at the races as often
  3. I find myself watching more Football than motorsports on TV
  4. More time in the office and not at a track or stadium
  5. A shortage of industry gossip
  6. No new hotel rooms to find in foreign cities
  7. No jet-setting off to new places, and not racking up any frequent flyer miles
  8. Not getting my usual fix of free energy drinks
  9. Overdose of campaign ads for John McCain and Barrack Obama
  10.  Miss the smell of dirt-bike exhaust and getting dirt on my shoes!

 Top ten reasons the off-season sucks - Photo 2 of 5

Valkenswaard, Holland, March 2008


Top ten reasons the off-season sucks - Photo 3 of 5

Loket, Czech Republic, August 2008

 Actually, maybe the off-season doesn’t suck that bad. Two cool things are happening:

  1. We are working here in the offices on some exciting new ideas that I know you are going to love! One of them I can share with you now: I’m very excited to announce that we are teaming up with Michele Johnson and MXGirls to better cover the entire world of woman’s motocross!
  2. I get to go to Maui in a few days! Yessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Top ten reasons the off-season sucks - Photo 4 of 5

Maui – here I come!




Top ten reasons the off-season sucks - Photo 5 of 5



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