In this episode, Tony talks about his race at the Belgian Grand Prix of Motocross this past weekend!

Tony Cairoli is the former MX2 World Motocross Champion, and currently leading the MX1 World Motocross Series. Tony is from Italy, and rides for Yamaha Red Bull De Carli, number 222. Below are Tony’s own words after the Beglian MXGP!

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Motocross Grand Prix of Belgium – Lommel

“After a little break and a few weeks off, the ‘Home’ GP for a lot of riders arrived this past weekend in Belgium. Also for me it feels like a home GP.

You might not notice if you don’t follow MXGP that closely, … but we all know they (the organizers) are going to make the track totally different than before. The week before I went out to the track together with Ken (Roczen) to watch. Ken is a good friend of mine. He called me and said “Let’s go check out the ‘new’ track together!”

The whole week I was busy with interviews for publicity for the race in Belgium. Friday morning I even had a interview and photo shoot in our apartment in Lommel! After that we drove with our camper to the track. It’s always really nice to have a camper at the race, and this weekend my parents were able to sleep in my camper – I went home to my apartment in Lommel to sleep.

Saturday I felt really good in the sand, and I had the second best lap time behind Ken de Dycker to go into our MX1 Qualifying heat. I also practiced on my starts a lot, … but again I had a bad start in my qualification heat! I was coming back towards the front riders, when I made a mistake and crashed. The bike didn’t stop, so I didn’t lose that much time. But with this mistake my fuel tank broke and I was riding without goggles … so I got some benzine (gas) in my eyes, along with sand, and that caused me to crash in front of the pit lane. This time my bike stopped, and I had problems to start it again. I would finish 21st in my qualification heat.

The weather changed on Sunday. Saturday was really nice … but on Sunday it rained the whole time. We are lucky that the track in Lommel can take some rain before it gets muddy, so the track wasn’t that bad before the start of the first heat.

I started around 28th position, and it took a while before I could find a good rhythm. My plan to ‘attack’ the last 10 minutes of the heat, but I also needed until then to ride good lap times as well. Like usual, I arrived with the main group of guys on the last lap! LOL I could pass Max (Nagl) on the whoops in front of the pit lane, … but I couldn’t pass Josh (Coppins). So I finished fifth in my first heat.

The second heat I started even worse than in my first heat! What’s up with that? : ) I don’t even fully know how and where I did it, but I passed lots of riders in that first lap! I worked up to second place, behind leader Max (Nagl). He already had a big gap and I couldn’t close it anymore. Max rode a really good 2nd heat!

I really enjoy playing in the sand of Lommel, and I was really happy with my third overall podium place, behind Ken (de Dycker) and Max.

‘Grazie’ to all my fans coming to Belgium for the race, … and I’ll see you in Loket, Czech Republic this coming weekend!


Tony 222

Tony Cairoli, Motocross World MX1 Championship points leader talks about the Belgian Grand Prix - Photo 1 of 3

Tony Cairoli, Motocross World MX1 Championship points leader talks about the Belgian Grand Prix - Photo 2 of 3

Tony Cairoli, Motocross World MX1 Championship points leader talks about the Belgian Grand Prix - Photo 3 of 3

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