Tony Cairoli is the former MX2 World Motocross Champion, and currently leading the MX1 World Motocross Series. Tony is from Italy, and rides for Yamaha Red Bull De Carli, number 222. Below are Tony’s own words after his German Grand Prix of Motocross victory yesterday.

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Hey Everybody,

After the muddy race at our last Grand Prix in Ernee (France), we finally arrived at the newly modified race track here in Germany. I was happy to see that the organisers made the track more technical, but the most important thing for me – that everything was able to stay dry! : )

From early on Saturday, I had a really good feeling about this weekend’s event, and riding on the track. I second in the first practice behind the always-fast Mickael Pichon, and I was able take the first time in the pre-qualifying, and then first in the qualifying heat.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I looked outside and I could see that it was starting to rain …. but after the warm-up session, the sun came out, and it stayed for the entire day!

At the start of the first heat, I came out initially in third place, behind Max Nagl and Josh Coppins. I lost a little bit time in getting past Josh, and then Max had a gap of about 12 seconds. Towards the end of this heat 1 of 2, I was slowly closing the gap on Max, and came up on him on the last lap. We had a good battle during that last lap, but I couldn’t make the pass.

In the second heat, I started in second behind Nagl, that was good enough for me, because this is what I had in mind. Max is always such a good starter, so second position was a perfect beginning for me in this second heat.

I tried to pass him on the first lap, but we were both going really fast. So I decided to wait a few laps and watch where I could possible pass him. After a few laps of watching and waiting, I made my move and was able to pass him … and I went on to win my 29th career GP win!

Next weekend we’ll arrive in Latvia for the tenth Grand Prix of the season! I hope to see you there!

Take care!

Tony 222

Tony Cairoli, Motocross World Championship points leader, talks about his German Grand Prix win - Photo 1 of 1

Don’t forget, you can access more ‘Tony’!

There is the ‘
Tony Cairoli Official FaceBook Club

Tony’s own website

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