Team Monster Energy CLS Kawasaki had a perfect weekend at Hawkstone Park in England, as Tommy Searle and Max Anstie both won their class on “home” soil during this round of the Red Bull Pro series. Invited by Kawasaki, who introduced their 2012 models at the event, both riders dominated their rivals with perfect double wins.

Max was riding his usual 250cc machine, while Tommy did his first race on the 450. It was very good preparation for the upcoming Motocross of Nations (watch it live online September 17 and 18 here!), as Tommy will be riding the 450 for this event. Tommy beat British champion Brad Anderson in this event. Tommy showed his ability on the 450, but for this coming weekend’s MX GP in Gaildorf, Germany, Tommy will return to his normal 250cc machine. (results, points and photos of MX GPs here)

Tommy Searle said after-wards: I’ve been a little bit nervous in the week because I’ve never raced a 450 so there’s always that on your shoulders, like people are going to slate you if you do bad. The regular Red Bull Pro National guys don’t hang around either so I was really unsure, I knew I could ride it fast in the week, but I didn’t know how it would be in the race. As it went it was great, I had a couple of good starts, I mean we really haven’t touched the bike so I’m happy with that. It’s pretty much bog standard, we have a little bit of suspension, but they just put it in, we haven’t even gone testing, they haven’t even changed one click. I just got it out, rode it twice in the week, then went out and raced it, the bike is really unbelievable, I’m so impressed with the 450. This is just a one off race, the 450 is good fun but I also like riding the 250, the 450 is just a different style of riding and I made it work. I’m really proud of myself today.

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Tommy Searle of Team Monster Energy CLS Kawasaki Pro-Circuit gets first win on 450 - Photo 1 of 1

Tommy Searle on the Kawasaki 450


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