Right now, with me having a break with my TV work on the world Motocross Grand Prix scene, and having a bit of a lull in race action here in the states ….. it was a good time to get involved in some race action of our own!

So, last night was a great night to get out and join some friends for a lot of racing ‘fun’ at Pole Position Raceway in Corona – a huge karting facility right near the homes of a lot of top professional riders here in California.

AMA 250 West Supercross Champion Jason Lawrence invited a few friends to come help him celebrate his championship. It was a the perfect place to get together and hang out away from the track.

I’m ‘sad’ to say … my lap times were not up to par with the boys, and I didn’t qualify for the main event. Darn!

In the main event, Jason did something he does well – win – he walked away with another #1 trophy! Sean Hamblin was second, and Scott from Monster third.




Thursday night in So Cal - Photo 1 of 4


Thursday night in So Cal - Photo 2 of 4


Thursday night in So Cal - Photo 3 of 4


Bonnie and me



Thursday night in So Cal - Photo 4 of 4











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