Updated July 30, 3:40pm Pacific Time: Press Conference video. This is Supercross.com’s X Games ‘Control Panel‘. The place where we’ll direct you to our latest content and coverage of X Games 15 in Los Angeles. And it will include info about ESPN’s coverage too.

You know we’ll be covering the supercross and motor sports aspect – with names like James Stewart, Travis Pastrana, Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath, and many others. But for coverage on everything that is X Games 15, you can always visit ESPN’s X Games site http://www.xgames.com

By the way …. ‘phenomenon’ is a Greek word, meaning ‘extraordinary event’. And the X Games has truly developed into a worldwide phenomenon – a truly extraordinary event! We hope to use this Feature article to help you navigate what Supercross.com’s coverage of X Games is, and, what ESPN’s full coverage of X Games is!

If you are not able to make it to the X Games, the main place for coverage is going to be ESPN’s TV networks. The next place for full coverage of ALL the events is ESPN’s X Games web-site http://www.xgames.com

And we hope you continue to come to Supercross.com to see our unique coverage of X Games 15 as well.


Let’s start with the schedule of the X Games. It starts on Thursday, and goes thru Sunday. To see the full schedule of events, you’ll want to visit this link – This link gives you the competition schedule for the X Games


One event highly associated with ESPN’s X Games, actually, it helps ‘kick off’ the phenomenon, is called “Behind the Big Air Benefit”. It supports The V Foundation for Cancer Research and STAPLES Center Foundation. You can read more about that here at this link.


Supercross Champion James Stewart has confirmed – he’s if for the Supercross, SuperMoto, and Best Whip. James thinks he has a pretty good chance in the Best Whip. You can read more about that here at this link.


NEW: ESPN kicked off X Games 15 with a press conference. Amanda talks to Katie and Chris from ESPN about the X Games, and she asks elite athletes about the pressure that comes with performing at X Games – the biggest extreme sports event in the world. You can watch the video here. (Tony Hawk will be performing all week folks! : )


NEW: ESPN has the Skateboard Big Air Elimination Results. You can read them here, where we’ll list in simple text format all the results.


More to come!

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