Hole Shot Thunder Valley


This week the Lucas AMA Motocross series headed west to the superior altitudes of Lakewood, Colorado for Round 3 of the Championship series. Just outside Denver, Colorado and nearly 6000 feet above sea level, bike set –up and fitness would be the factors to make or break the racers this weekend. In the 450 class, James Stewart broke the KTM streak with a win in moto one, but, Ken Roczen got out front early in moto two to take home another overall win for KTM. Jeremy Martin took his fifth moto win of the series, but, struggled in moto two, handing over the overall to Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki rider Blake Baggett.

Despite illness, JGRMX rider, Josh Grant managed to get out front early, capturing the Motsport.com holeshot award in moto one. The Yoshimura/Suzuki of James Stewart came out of turn one just behind Grant. Stewart made quick work of the thirty-three to put him into the lead.

Colorado’s very own, Andrew Short, managed to get a good jump out of the gate to put his BTO Sports’ KTM into fourth out of turn one. His hometown crowd pushed him to make his way by Phil Nicholetti, putting himself into the third position.

The KTM boys sat back in sixth and seventh positions out of the gate, but, not hesitating to engage those in front of them into battle. Dungey made use of the smoother outside lines to get by the forty-one of Trey Canard and Nicholetti. However, Canard followed Dungey by Nicholetti and looked to re-enter in battle with Dungey. Dungey and Canard made multiple passes back and forth, with Dungey taking over third by putting Andrew Short between himself and Canard. But, surprisingly, Short didn’t roll over quite so easy either, exchanging positions with Dungey a few times before letting him pull away a little.

After earning his way by Canard and Short, Dungey set his sights on the thirty-three of Josh Grant in second. As Dungey made his way by Grant, Canard and Roczen managed to catch up and make their passes on Grant, as well.

Sitting in second, Dungey then set his sights on closing Stewart’s gap out front. As Dungey closed on Stewart, Roczen managed to make his way by Canard, but not without a fight from the Honda rider. Dungey attempted many forms of attack on Stewart, but, Stewart shut the door on the number five, time and time again.

As the front-runners made their way into lapped traffic, Roczen was able to close the gap on Dungey and make his way by on the ninety-four machine. Seemingly losing concentration, Dungey went down to take some dirt samples, allowing Canard to get by.

The rookie put the pressure on James Stewart looking to make the pass for the moto one win, but, Stewart was able to counter Roczen’s every move while hanging onto to the win. Roczen settled for second in moto one, with Canard rounding out the podium in third.

Kicking off the second 450 moto of the day, Trey Canard seemed to have a point to prove, as he put his Muscle Milked backed Honda into corner one, capturing the Motosport.com Holeshot award. Josh Grant managed to get his Yamaha into turn one just behind Canard, followed by Ryan Dungey.

After coming up just short of a win in moto one, Ken Roczen looked to be hungry for the lead in moto two. With James Stewart behind him in fifth, Roczen pushed himself into second position making his way by Grant and by teammate, Ryan Dungey. The German-native rider then set his sights on chasing down Trey Canard.

Stewart also on the move, made his way by Grant, looking to chase down Dungey. With three seconds on the clock between himself and Stewart, Dungey focused on closing the gap on Roczen.

However, Roczen managed to make the pass on the forty-one of Trey Canard to get out front in an attempt to put some time on the clock between himself and the rest of the pack.

With only a few laps remaining, Dungey pushed to show Canard a wheel before the end of the moto. As Dungey edged in, the two engaged in battle with a drag race down the hills of Thunder Valley and few passes back and forth. Dungey managed to make the pass that stuck and took over second position.

During the last lap, Stewart managed to close on Canard and made the pass to take over third position. Ken Roczen took home another overall win on the day at Thunder Valley. Dungey finished out moto two with a second place finish, to claim a third overall on the day. Yoshimura/Suzuki rider, James Stewart captured the final podium position to take second overall at Round Three.

In the Yamaha dominated 250 class, Jessy Nelson captured the Motosport.com Holeshot award by putting his Honda into turn one before the rest of the pack. The Honda riders dominated the pack out of the gate with Justin Bogle running in second and Zach Bell just behind in third.

Jeremy Martin, the kid who has dominated every moto of the year, sat just outside the top five on lap one. Since the beginning of the season, it was the first he had ever not been in the one or two position coming out of turn one.

However, the Star Racing/Yamalube Yamaha team quickly made their way into the three and four positions on the track, with Webb leading Martin. As the two looked to make the pass on Bogle for second and third, Martin was able to get by Webb, as well. Martin moved into second with Cooper Webb just behind in third position, pushing Bogle back into fourth.

As they reached the halfway point in moto one, Jessy Nelson had already put 10 seconds between himself and the rest of the pack. However, just after the halfway point, Nelson ran into some troubles, allowing Martin to close the gap.

With less than ten minutes remaining on the clock, Martin managed to show Nelson a wheel and take over the lead. In an attempt to not lose sight of his teammate, Webb also put a pass on Nelson to move himself into second.

In the closing laps of moto one, the steep hills of Thunder Valley got the best of Cooper Webb, as he tucked his front end, flipping end over end to the bottom of the hill. Although Webb was uninjured, after remounting his motorcycle, Webb found himself back in sixth again.

Jeremy Martin captured the win, while Jessy Nelson celebrated his career best finish in second. GEICO/Honda rider, Justin Bogle claimed the final podium position in third.

In the second 250 race, it was Zach Bell (aka. pocket rocket), another rookie, who captured the Motosport.com Holeshot award. Bell was followed into turn one by 250 East Supercross Champion, Jason Anderson in second and the Crafty Frenchman, Christophe Pourcel in third.

Pourcel was able to get the traction to the ground and find the clean lines to make his way by Bell for the lead. However, Bell wasn’t ready to give it up just yet, as the two swapped the lead back and forth a few times before Pourcel managed to pull away on the rookie.

Jason Anderson, also managed to squeeze by Bell, to take over second. Blake Baggett was on the move, as well, as he made a pass stick on Bell to move himself and the Pro Circuit team up into the number three spot.

The Star Racing/Yamalube Yamaha boys found themselves back in the number six and seven spots, once again, with Webb leading Martin. After multiple attempts to get by Bogle, without success, Webb seemingly changed his focus to holding off teammate, Jeremy Martin.

As Bogle made the pass on Bell to move into fourth, Jeremy Martin took the inside on his teammate Cooper Webb, to move into sixth.

As Baggett began to push the issue on Pourcel, the Crafty Frenchmen answered Baggett’s every attempt to make a pass, holding the Pro Circuit rider in second. After many failed attempts, Baggett finally made his way by the three thirty-seven of Christophe Pourcel.

Just shortly after the halfway point, Jeremy Martin experienced some similar issues to teammate Webb in the first moto. Martin and his bike were sent cart-wheeling, end over end, but, luckily Martin was okay and he was able to continue racing.

With only four minutes remaining on the clock, Bogle managed to get by Pourcel and looked to close Baggett’s eight second gap.

In moto two, Baggett finally broke the Jeremy Martin streak by capturing the win and the overall at Thunder Valley in Lakewood, Colorado. GEICO/Honda’s Justin Bogle took a second in moto two, for a second overall on the day. Christophe Pourcel captured the final podium spot, to go 11-3 on the day, for an overall finish of seventh.

Next week the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championships will head further West to High Point Raceway in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania for Round Four of the series.


  1. Ken Roczen (2-1)
  2. James Stewart (1-3)
  3. Ryan Dungey (4-2)
  4. Trey Canard (3-4)
  5. Josh Grant (5-6)
  6. Brett Metcalfe (9-5)
  7. Malcolm Stewart (7-8)
  8. Andrew Short (6-9)
  9. Weston Peick (10-7)
  10. Jake Weimer   (8-12)


  1. Ken Roczen (141)
  2. Ryan Dungey (129)
  3. James Stewart (111)
  4. Trey Canard (110)
  5. Brett Metcalfe (89)
  6. Malcolm Stewart (78)
  7. Weston Peick (77)
  8. Josh Grant (74)
  9. Jake Weimer (74)
  10. Chad Reed (61)


  1. Blake Baggett (4-1)
  2. Justin Bogle (3-2)
  3. Jeremy Martin (1-6)
  4. Jessy Nelson (2-9)
  5. Marvin Musquin (7-4)
  6. Jason Anderson (5-5)
  7. Christophe Pourcel (11-3)
  8. Cooper Webb (9-7)
  9. Cole Seely (8-8)
  10. Justin Hill (10-10)


  1. Jeremy Martin (140)
  2. Cooper Webb (114)
  3. Christophe Poucel (93)
  4. Blake Baggett (91)
  5. Justin Bogle (90)
  6. Jessy Nelson (85)
  7. Marvin Musquin (82)
  8. Jason Anderson (81)
  9. Justin Hill (65)
  10. Matt Bisceglia (63)

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