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In my last blog, I wrote about how I was heading to the beautiful island of Hawaii for a little R & R. Well, I’ll give you a little bit of that trip’s update …


  The weather was wonderful  …

  I went on my first, real, hike …

  I had some great sea food. One problem though. I think I’m allergic to shell fish. That’s an experience you don’t want to have. In a word, it was not “awesome” in any way, shape, or form!

  I got a very nice Hawaiin tan  …

  I stepped on a sea urchin. You know, those crunchy little sea animals with the long pins that poke right into your skin. To say the least – it hurt. A lot. For quite a few days! (I wonder how the sea urchin feels?)

  I went GeoCaching …


All in all the trip was full of excitement and it was so nice to have a vacation. Or ‘Go on Holiday’ most would say in Europe.


Upon my return here at, there were plenty of exciting things to work on. Hopefully you’ll be noticing them over the next few weeks and months : )

 One update you might like … we have something brand new, and that’s video from Chad Reed’s Supercross Series in Australia. They have killer, and different racing formats at each event! Very exciting! Check it out!


UK rider Tommy Searle has finally made his way out to California and is looking for a home in southern California with his lovely girl friend Harriet. They are both so happy to be here and looking forward to the up-coming season.

Davi Millsaps has been busy testing and getting ready for January, but on top of it all has been working hard with his beautiful fiance (former Miss Supercross) Britney George, trying to pick the perfect wedding date. They are looking to have it in the month of September next year.


Yamaha is having their annual media day tomorrow at their headquarters in Cypress, CA (about 10 minutes from my favorite place in California – Disneyland!) I’ll be attending and will hopefully bring back some great pictures and interviews. And hopefully be able to answer a couple questions that have been creating such a buzz, for example: is Lites Supercross Champion Jason Lawrence racing next year? Will Yamaha of Troy be a team next year? I hope to have those answers for you tomorrow.  =  )


Josh Hansen has a new place to call home in the Supercross pits, he is now under the Hart and Huntington rig, and seems very happy about it. Welcome back to the west coast Josh!


I’m sure there is a ton more that is going on right now to get ready for this 2009 Supercross series, and I can ‘t wait to get back to work and get some new blogs up! But it is my first day back in the office, so that’s all I have for you as of right now.



 Picture # 1 My foot surgeon Travis trying to remove the sea urchin needles out of my toe. Gotta love the headlight!

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 Picture # 2 A Large beach where I went on my first GeoCaching adventure.

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 Picture # 3 Relaxing on the beach!

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 Picture # 4 The last night we were blessed with the best sunset of the trip. Not bad huh ?  : )

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More later!





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